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History 9 Ch.25/26.1

History 9

Bill Clinton Elected President in 1992/got US out of debt
Mikhail Gorbachev Russian leader/signed nuclear treaty with US
George Bush Senior President during Persian Gulf War
Sonja Sotomayor 1st Hispanic Supreme Court Justice
Ronald Reagan Republican President/shot and wounded by John Hinckley Jr.
Geraldine Ferraro 1st Female Candidate - Jimmy Carter's running mate
Sandra Day O'Connor 1st Female Supreme Court Justice
Jesse Jackson 1984 - 1st African American Presidential Candidate
Saddam Hussein Leader of Iraq
Osama Bin Laden Stated Al-Qaeda - Militant Islamist
Ross Perot Independent Party Candidate (Billionaire-paid for his own campaign out of pocket)
Walter Mondale From Minnesota - Jimmy Carter's Vice President
Al Gore Bill Clinton's Vice President
Somalia U.S. helicopter shot down and soldiers were killed
Soviet Union broke up in 1991- now Russia
OK City bombing of federal office building - 169 dead (1995)
Nicaragua Reagan said Contras are good and Sandinista are bad
Tiananmen Square Chinese students protested (man stood in front of army tank)
Berlin Berlin wall came down in 1989
Bosnia & Serbia broke off from the Soviet Union
Panama Canal goes back to Panama - Noriega (leader) convicted of drug trafficking and sentenced to 40 years in prison
Lebanon U.S. Peace forces
Grenada Reagan brought in troops and overthrew the pro-Cuban government
Florida Election Confusion - Recount
Election of 2000 George W. Bush v. Al Gore
Persian Gulf War liberate Kuwait from Iran
Iran-Contra affair U.S. secretly gave arms to Iran - sent $ to Contra rebels in Nicaragua
Reaganomics rebels in Nicaragua taxcuts
Clinton's Impeachment perjury
Challenger space shuttle blew up - all on board were killed
NAFTA North American Free Trade Agreements (brought Mexico into Free Trade)
AIDS acquired immune deficiency syndrome - 1980's - caused by a virus
"Star Wars" --SDI Strategic Defense Initiative - Reagan asks scientists to develop defense system that would keep America safe from enemy missiles
Glasnost & Perestroika Openness in discussing social problems advocated by Gorbachev
Contract with America drafted by Republican Congressman Newt Gingerich - promised 10 items to enact if they won control of Congress
War on Drugs Reagan called for a "War on Drugs" - Nancy Reagan "Just Say No!"
Election 1996 President Clinton Re-elected
Election 1992 President Clinton Elected
Election 2000 President George W. Bush Elected
Election 1984 President Ronald Reagan Elected
Election 1988 President George Bush Elected
Created by: Chris Kral