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Brandon/Danny 6

Context practice

Excited about winning the award, Ben walked up to the stage and delivered an animated acceptance speech. Animated means: a. abbreviated b. courteous c. reserved d. lively d. lively
The intermittent rain soaked the garden many different times during the day. Intermittent means: a. protracted b. periodic c. incredulous d. light b. periodic
I got a vicarious thrill watching you on the diving board. Vicarious means: a. shared b. unpleasant c. adventurous d. evil a. shared
After several small brush-fires at the campground, officials felt the need to augment the rules pertaining to campfires. Augment means: a. criticize b. retract c. consider d. expand d, expand
As soon as the details of the election were released to the media, the newspaper was inundated with calls --- far too many to be handled effectively. Inundated means: a. provided b. bothered c. rewarded d. flooded d. flooded
When people heard that timid Dan had taken up skydiving, they were incredulous. Incredulous means: a.fearful b. outraged c. convinced d. disbelieving d. disbelieving
The doctor got to the crux of the issue. Crux means: a. outline b. opposite c. crucial point d. unhealthy c. crucial point
The Information Technology department enthusiastically hired Bill because he was proficient in the use of computers. Proficient means: a. sincere b. adequate c. competent d. skilled d. skilled
Even under pressure, the committee would not commit to the proposal and gave only tentative approval. Tentative means: a. provisional b. ambiguous c. unnecessary d. total a. provisional
Even though she'd read her supervisor's memo four time, she still found his rambling message ambiguous. Ambiguous means: a. profound b. inspiring c. ridiculous d. unclear d. unclear
Created by: RSWillis