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Janssen Gr 7 Final

Mrs. Janssen's Gr 7 Final Animal Movement & Energy

Shedding an exoskeleton & growing a new one. molting
A tissue softer than bone. cartilage
A place where 2 bones meet. joint
A tissue that produces movement. muscle
The system that controls all body functions. nervous system
A change in an environment. stimulus
A reaction. response
Nerve cell. neuron
Nerve cells that sense changes. sensory neurons
Nerve cells that pass information between nerve cells. interneurons
Nerve cells that cause movements. motor neurons
Ultimate control organ of the body. brain
System of fluid filled tubes. water vascular system
Gas-filled sac inside fish. swim bladder
Animal that eats meat. carnivore
Animals that eats plants. herbivore
Animals that eat both meat and plants. omnivore
Animals that trap & eat microscopic organisms in the water. filter feeders
Flexible tongue-like ribbon of teeth. radula
Process of breaking food down into molecules. digestion
System responsible for obtaining & digesting food. digestive system
Opening at the end of the digestive system. anus
Organ where food is softened & stored. crop
Muscular organ where food is ground up. gizzard
Tube that connects the mouth & stomach. esophagus
Organ where digestion is completed & food is absorbed. intestine
Organ where food is partially broken down before entering intestines. stomach
Process by which cells use oxygen & digested food molecules to release energy. cellular respiration
When particles move from high to low concentration. diffusion
System responsible for gas exchange. respiratory system
Featherlike structures where gas exchange occurs in fish. gills
Saclike structures in mammals where gases are exchanged. lungs
Transportation system of the body. circulatory system
Main pump of the circulatory system. heart
System in which blood flows into spaces. open circulatory system
System in which blood flows through vessels. closed circulatory system
Smallest blood vessels in which gases & nutrients are exchanged. capillaries
Upper chambers of the heart. atria
Lower chambers of the heart. ventricles
System that rids the body of waste. excretory system
Main organs that filter nitrogen wastes from the body. kidneys
Liquid waste. urine
Created by: jjanssen33