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Jess's Class

Medical Terminology

Bad, difficult, painful (prefix) dys-
execessive, increased (prefix) hyper-
liver (root word) hepat/o
pain, suffering (suffix) -algia
surgical removal (suffix) -ectomy
abnormal condition (suffix) -osis
abnormal softening (suffix) -malacia
defificient, decreased (prefix) hypo-
inflammation (suffix) -itis
tissue death (suffix) -necrosis
bleeding, bursting forth (suffix) -rrhage
surgical creation of an opening (suffix) -ostomy
surgical incision (suffix) -otomy
surgical repair (suffix) -plasty
surgical suturing (suffix) -rrhaphy
visual Examination (suffix) -scopy
rupture (suffix) -rrhexis
abnormal narrowing (suffix) -stenosis
abnormal hardening (suffix) -sclerosis
flow or discharge (suffix) -rrhea
The word part meaning plaque or fatty substance is: arthr/o
The prefix meaning surrounding is peri-
A ___________ is always placed at the end of the term. suffix
The combining form meaning white is? leuk/o
The suffix meaning abnormal softening is? -malacia
Pain, which can be observed only by the patient, is a symptom
the prefix meaning deficient or decreased is? hypo-
A __________ is a prediction of the probable course and outcome of a disease. prognosis
The suffix meaning to rupture is? -rrhexis
examination procedure palpation
male gland prostate
pathologic tissue change lesion
pounding heart palpitation
torn, ragged wound laceration
the body cavities are lined with specialized _________ membranes. mucous
The formation of pus is called? suppuration
the term menaing wound or injury is? trauma
the term _______ means pertaining to a virus. Viral
the term describing a part of the small intestine is? ileum
A desease named for the person who discovered it is known as an eponym
A localized response to injury or tissue destruction is called inflammation
A _________ of the skin is a groove or crack-like sore. fissure
the medical Term meaning the surgical repair of a nerve is neuroplasty
the medical term meaning inflammation of the tonsils is tonsillitis
abmnormal stomach condition gastrosis
pertianing to the heart cardiac
rupture of a muscle myorrhexis
stomach pain gastralgia
surgical muscle repair myoplasty
The abnormal narrowing of an artery or arteries is called arteriostenosis
Based on the word part taht indicates color the term __________ means blue coloration of the skin that is caused by the lack of oxygen in the blood cyanosis
the term __________ contains a combining vowel between tow word roots. abdominocentesis or gastroenteritis gastroenteritis
the prefix ________ means bad, difficult, or painful. dys-
A ____________ is a specialist in diagnosing and treating diseases, disorders, and problems associated with aging. gerontologist
lower than normal blood pressure is called hypotension
the process of recording a picture of an artery or arteries is called arteriography
the term meaning above or out side the ribs is supracostal
A strong dependence on a drug or substance is known as a/an addiction
An abnormal passage, usually between two internal organs, or leading from an organ to the surface of the body, is a/an fistula
divide into word parts: Arteriomalacia Arteri/o malacia
divide into word parts: Otorhinolaryngology Ot/o rhin/o laryng ology
divide into word parts: Mycosis Myc osis
divide into word parts: postnatal post nat al
divide into word parts: tonsillectomy tonsill ectomy
divide into word parts: gastroenteritis gastr/o enter itis
divide into word parts: rhinorrhea rhin/o rrhea
divide into word parts: neonatologist ne/o nat ologist
divide into word parts: abdominocentesis abdomin/o centisis
divide into word parts: appendicitis appendic itis
Beverly Gaston suffers from higher than normal blood pressure. This is recorded on her chart as _____________. hypertension
Mrs. Tillson underwent __________ to remove excess fluid from her abdomen. abdominocetesis
Dr. Gusterson is trained in the treatment of the diseases and disorders associated with aging. His specialty is known as ___________. gerontology
In an accident, Felipe Valladares suffered a broken toe. the medical term for this is a fractured __________. phalanx
Hal jamison recieved emergency treatment for ___________, which is an inflammation of the appendix. appendecitis
Gina's physician explained that she had a/an ______________ complication. This means that there was a problem pertianing to the interior or lining of an artery. endarterial
Jennifer was intrested in ____________. this is the study of disorders of the newborn. neonatology
Joan Randolph's medication was administered by an injection into the muscle. This is called an _____________ or IM injection. intermuscular
Andy Lewis describes that uncomfortable feeling as heartburn. The medical term for this condition is ____________. pyrosis
Max Greene's muscle wound required suturing. the procedure is called ____________. myorrhaphy
The term ________ means an inflammation of a nerve or nerves. neuritis
The term ________ means loss of large amount of blood in a short time. hemorrhage
The term ________ means the tissue death of an artery or ateries. arteionecrosis
The term ________ describes the time and events before birth. prenatal
The term ________ means enlargement of the liver hepatomegaly
The medical speciallist concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of heart disease is a/an cardiologist
The term meaning a runny nose is rhinorrhea
The term meaning the inflammation of a join is arthritis
A specialist in disorders of the newborn is called a/an neonatologist
The term meaning a surgical incision into a nerve is a/an neurotomy
The term meaning the visual examination of the internal structure of a joint is arthscopy
The term meaning an inflammation of an artery is arteritis
The term meaning pain in a nerve or nerves is neuralgia
The term meaning a surgical incision into the heart is a/an cardiotomy
The term meaning an inflammation of the nose is rhinitis
The combining form meaning spinal cord is myelo
The combining form meaning muscle is myo
The combingin form meaning bone marrow is myelo
The combining form meaning nerve is neuro
The combining form meaning joint is arthro
crown, coronary (root word) coron/o
fat (root word) adip/o
gland (root word) aden/o
constant (root word) home/o
relating to the head (root word) cephal/o
within (prefix) endo-
above (prefix) epi-
cell (root word) cyt/o
out of (prefix) exo-
tissue (root word) hist/o
pertaining to (suffix) -ac
control (suffix) -stasis
disease, suffering, and emotion (root word) path/o
formative material of cells (suffix) -plasm
Behind (prefix) retro-
The term describing an infection acquired in a hospital setting is ______. nosocomial
The _______ is part of the lymphatic and immune system. Pancreas or Spleen spleen
The term ________ means the direction toward or nearer the midline. medial
The internal and external surfaces of the body are covered by ________. epithelia tissue
The genetic disorder _______ is characterized by a missing digestive enzyme. Tay-Sachs or Phenylketonuria Phenylketonuria
The inflamationof a gland is known as _______. adenitis
The abdominal cavity is lined by the ________. parietal peritoneum
The functional units of heredity are known as _____. genes
The study of the structure, composition, and function fo tissues is known as histology
Above the stomach epigastric
belly button umbilicus
below the ribs hypochondriac
below the stomach hypogastric
hipbone iliac
The term ______, which means pertianing to the groin, refers to the entire lower portion of the abdomen. inguinal
The study of how traits are transferred from parents to their children and the role of genes in health and disease is called ______. genetics
A specialist in the study of the outbreaks of disease is a/an epidemiologist
The ________ glands excrete their secretions through ducts. endocrine
Correct spelling of: hemiostasis hemostatsis
Correct spelling of: hemaphillia hemophilia
Correct spelling of: hyportrophy hypertrophy
Correct spelling of: idiotopathic idiopathic
Correct spelling of: abnomoly anomaly
the abnormal development of tissues cells and cells dysplasia
a change in the structure of cells and in their orientation to each other anaplasia
an abnormal increase in the number of normal cells in normal arrangement in a tissue hyperplasia
incomplete development of an organ or tissue hypoplasia
the defective development or congenital absence of an organ or tissue aplasia
The term meaning situated nearest the midline or beginning of a body structure is proximal
The term meaning situated in the back posterior
The body is divided vertically into equal left and right halves by the ______ plane midsagittal
Part of the elbow is formed by the ______ end of the humerus. distal
Muscular _________ (MD) is a group of genetic diseases characterized by progressive weakness of muscle fibers. dystrophy
The study of the function of the structures of the body is known as _______. physiology
Also known as the chest, the _______ cavity protects the heart and lungs. thoracic
A/An _______ illness is a problem, such as a side effect or an unfavorable response, arising from a prescribed medical treatment. iatrogenic
The abdominal and pelvic cavities are referered to together as the __________ cavity. abdominopelvic
divide into word parts: adenectomy aden ectomy
divide into word parts: endocrine glands endo crine glands
divide into word parts: histologist hist ologist
divide into word parts: retroperitoneal retr/o periton eal
divide into word parts: pathologist path ologist
divide into word parts: etiology eti ology
divide into word parts: homeostatis home/o statis
divide into word parts: coronal plane coron al plane
divide into word parts: abdominopelvic abdomin/o pelivic
divide into word parts: idiopathic idi/o path ic
Mr. Tseng died of cholera during a sudden and widespread outbreak of this disease in his country. Such an outbreak is described as being a/an epidemic
Brenda Farmer's doctor could not find any physical changes to explain her symptoms. The doctor referes to this as a/an ______ disorder. functional
Gerald Carlson inhearited a bleeding disorder in which one of the clotting factors is missing. This name of theis condition is hemophillia
wally Foster has a kidney disease. His doctor is performing test to determin the cause or ______ of this illness etiology
Mrs. Reynolds has an inflammation of the peritoneum. The medical term for this condition is peritoneisis
Ralph Jenkins drank contaminated water while on a camping trip. Now he is very sick and his doctor says he contracted the illness through __________ transmission. waterborne
Jose Ortega complained of pain in the lower right area of his abdomen. Using the system that divides the abdomen into four sections, his doctor recorded the paoina s being in the lower right quadrant
Tracy Ames has an inflammation within the area formed by the hipbones. Her doctor describes this area as the ________ cavity pelivic
In college, Gerald McCelland wants to learn more about the structure and functions of cells. To accomplish this he signed up for a courses in cytology
Ashley Goldberg is fascinated by how traits and characteristics are transmitted. She wants to specialize in this field and is studying to become a/an geneticist
Scott Asbury has pain i the lower left side of his abdomen. This area is known as the left ______ region. iliac
Down syndrome is also known as __________ 21. trisomy
The _______ are the only cells in the body that do not have 46 chromosomes. gametes
An example of liquid connective tissue is _____. Adipose tissue or blood blood
The esophagus is part of the ______ system. digestive
The term meaning the surgical repair of a muscle is myoplasty
The term meaning pain in a nerve is neuralgia
The term meaning an abnormal condition of the stomach is gastrosis
The term meaning inflammation of the larynx is laryngitis
The term meaning the surgical removal of part of a muscle is a/an myectomy
the term meaning pain in the stomach is gastralgia
The term meaning surgical removal of the larynx is laryngectomy
The term meaning an abnormal condition of the kidney is nephrosis
The medical term meaning surgical repair of a nerve is neuroplasty
The term meaning inflammation of the kidney is nephrosis
Located on the sides and are covered by the lower ribs hypochondriac
Region surronding the belly button or navel umbilical
Located below the stomach hypogastric
Divides the body from top to bottom equally midsagittal
Meaning situated in the front anterior
means the direction toward or nearer the side and away from the midline lateral
Meaning situated in the back posterior
the plane that divides the body into anterior and posterior portions coronal
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