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History 9 Chapter 20

Kennedy won the 1960 election due to good looks, charisma, played to TV, supported Martin Luther King, Jr.
Events of Cuban Missile Crisis US planes spot nuclear missiles in Cuba, Kennedy promises to stop build-up of weapons, US blocks Soviet ships from going to Cuba, Krushchev removes missiles in return for promise that US will not invade Cuba
Great Society Strengths reduced poverty, tax cuts boosted economy,
Great Society Weaknesses funding it caused deficits,
John F. Kennedy Won the 1960 election, wealthy, Catholic,large family, 43 years old, took a hard line against Soviet Union
Khrushchev Soviet Union Premier, promised to defend Cuba with weapons-sent nuclear missiles-showdown with Kennedy
Fidel Castro Cuban leader, declared himself as a communist, he welcomed aid from USSR
Berlin Wall concrete barrier that divided Berlin in 2-had barbed wire
New Frontier JFK's legislative agenda calling on Americans to be pioneers in new science, ending poverty and prejudice
Lee Harvey Oswald shot Kennedy
Dealy Plaza location of assassination of Kennedy
Jack Ruby nightclub operator-shot Oswald
Lyndon B. Johnson Vice president under Kennedy, from Texas, civil rights advocate, creator of Great Society
Civil Rights Act of 1964 Outlawed discrimination based on race,color,religion, sex,or origin
Judicial Activism judicial rulings based on politics not law
Mirands v. Arizona case that created Miranda Warning-right to remain silent, anything said could be held against someone, right to a lawyer
Robert Kennedy attorney general
"Great Society" and the programs it included Johnson's plan to improve US-tax reductions,Economic Opportunity Act, Civil Rights Act, Department of Housing and Urban Development, Clean Air Act
Richard Nixon Republican candidate against Kennedy in 1960-did not do well on TV debate-nervous
Peace Corps a program of volunteer assistance to help developing nations
Bay of Pigs Invasion CIA trained Cuban exiles to invade Cuba-backfired and Soviet-backed Cubans won
Limited Test-Ban Treaty Banned nuclear testing in atmosphere from US and Soviet sources
Best and Brightest Kennedy's young team of advisors-smart,good businessmen-included his brother, Bobby
Magic Bullet Theory a single bullet killed Kennedy and hit Governor Connally
Gov. John Connally Sat in limousine with Kennedys
Warren Commission Investigated the death of Kennedy
Space Race competition to get the best space program between US and Soviet Union
Mandate voters show they approve of Kennedy's plans,so her played it safe
Warren Court Supreme Court under Justice Earl Warren banned prayer in schools, limited censorship, rights of the accused
Medicare provides insurance for people over 65
"Hot Line" Phone line established in 1963-connected the White House to Kremlin to avoid crisis
Nasa National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Created by: Chris Kral


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