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Pillars of Government

sovereignty idea of supreme power
limited government government only has the duties and powers granted to it by the people being governed
federalism division of powers and duties between the national and state governments
separation of powers each branch of government would have its powers limited to its own area of interest and each must cooperate with the other two branches
checks and balances each branch has ways to keep the other two branches from becoming too powerful
preamble introductory statement
ratification official approval
democracy places power in hands of people, either directly or indirectly through elected representatives
slander false spoken statement
libel false written or printed statement that harms a person's reputation
search warrant order from a judge allowing the search and describing what may be searched and removed
probable cause a reasonable expectation that evidence will be found
bail property or money deposited to ensure that a person released from jail will return for a court appearance.
felony a serious crime punishable by time in prison
precint voting district
polling place correct place to vote
nonpartisan not tied to a political party
majority 50% of votes plus (at least) 1 vote
referendum direct vote by the people on an issue
political party an organized group of people who share common ideals and work to elect members of their party to public office.
political idealogy consistent set of beliefs about what policies government ought to follow
interest group association of people who share a common goal or interest that they hope to achieve by influencing public policy
lobbyists one who is paid to represent an interest group and to influence elected officials to vote for laws that the interest group supports or to defeat laws that the interest group opposses
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