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Criminal Just. Ch. 6

Chapter 6 Police Roles Styles and Functions

Role conflict The psychological stress stemming from trying to perform two or more incompatable responsibilities
Per James Wilson, what are the three operational styles of police officers Legalistic (use threats and arrests to solve issues), Watchman (Focus more on peacekeeping), and Service (help the community vs enforcing letter of the law).
*Preventive Patrol Patrol the streets with little direction just randomly driving the streets
What is Crime mapping Technique that charts crime patterns in a geographic area and allows for directed patrols to that area. (Aka Goegraphic Information System (GIS)).
*Directed Patrol Directing officers to problem areas. Officers are given orders on where to go and/or how to use patrol time
*Aggressive Patrol The entire patrol team is ordered to make numerous traffic stops and conduct field interrogations
Field Interrogation Temporary detention of persons to question and investigate suspicious circumstances
Name the two biggest developments in criminal investigation in the modern era Fingerprinting and DNA profiling
What and who is responsible for CODIS Combined DNA Information System managed By the FBI
What is Cybercrime The use of computer technology to commit crime
What are the two types of terrorism Domestic and International
What are the four types of Domestic Terrorism Right Wing (Aryan Nation), Left Wing (no capitalism), Special Interest (Animal and Environmental Liberation Front), Individual (lone wolf).
The 4 policy principals against terrorism 1. Make no concessions, 2. Bring them to justice, 3. Pressure states that sponsor terrorism, 4. Assist the countries that combat terrorism.
What are the four major functions of a police department Patrol, investigate, traffic enforcement, drug enforcement
What are the drug enforcement strategies of local police agencies Street level enforcement, mid and major level investigation, crop eradication , community involvement, choke off drug demand, asset forfeiture.
What are the main components of community policing Community partnership , problem solving, and change management
What is the meant by SARA in regards to community policing problem solving Scan (look for problems), Analyze (understand the issues), Respond (develop solutions), and Asses (determine the solution).
* Name 4 characteristics of police work Quick decision making, Dirty work, Dangerous work, and the individual unsupervised nature of police work.
*How many police officers were killed in 2009 48
*Name the 4 operation styles of policing as determined by sociologist John Broderick Enforcers (Emphasis on order and not due process), Idealist (Seek social order and due process), Optimist (Emphasis on due process), and Realists (Little emphasis on due process or social order)
*What is the most time consuming and resource intensive task of a police agency? Patrol
Created by: JeromeG