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Economy-Modern GA

Economy of Modern Georgia

globalization occurs when economies of the world's countries have become more connected & more dependent on each other
free trade international trade free of any trade barriers on the amount of goods that can be bought & sold
free enterprise system in which privately owned businesses operate without government interference beyond what is necessary to ensure fairness in competition.
interstate highways a limited- access, multilane, multiple-state highway with interchanges of on and off ramps with entry and exit lanes.
suburbs residential areas around cities
metropolitan area large central city surrounded by smaller communities with no green space between them
pasteurization the process of heating milk to kill bacteria that cause disease
broilers chickens weighing less than two and a half pounds.
agribusiness farming and the businesses associated with farming.
kaolin a white clay used in the manufacture of paper and other products.
Cold War a period of hostility between the U.S. and the Soviet Union following WW II
containment U.S. Cold War policy of trying to keep communism from spreading to new places
retail refers to stores through which consumers buy goods
shopping center group of retail and service stores that has common parking
centennial describes 100 years
income the money that an individual acquires
expenses money spent for various purposes
overdraft writing a check for more than is in a checking account
interest money paid for the use of money
investment money spent on something with the goal of making a profit
certificate of deposit an investment that pays a specific amount of interest once a specific amount of time has passed
stock an investment where the investor buys a portion of the company
mutual fund pools money for various investors to buy stocks or bonds
reposses to take back the ownership of
Created by: Bense8
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