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Great Dep & New Deal

The Great Depression and the New Deal in Georgia

New Deal name given to programs enacted by Congress in 1930s to bring economic recovery
Social Security Act provided insurance for the elderly, unemployed, and disabled
Rural Electrification provided low-interest loans to organizations that would build power lines to benefit farms
Civilian Conservation employed young men in jobs that conserved America's natural resources
E.D. Rivers Georgia governor who supported the New Deal
Eugene Talmadge powerful Georgia leader who was pro-farmer, anti-New Deal, and opposed to civil rights for African Americans
relief money and goods, loans and jobs, given to people in specific need
barter to trade or exchange goods or services without the use of money
cooperative an organization owned by and operated for the benefit of those using its services
Labor Union an organization of workers formed to improve their wages, benefits, and working conditions by bargaining with management
subsidy a grant of money from the government
minimum wage the least amount an employer can pay an employee for a certain number of hours worked
recession an economic slowdown
strike work stoppage over some grievance
county unit system gave each county a certain number of votes based on 3 categories; rural, town, or urban
Warm Springs Georgia city that was home to Roosevelt's "Little White House"
Created by: Bense8