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FMS 6th Ch 13


Sparta A military city with one of the strongest militaries in Greece and rival city-state of Athens.
Athens A city-state in eastern Greece.
Golden age A period in a society's history marked by great achievements.
City-state Political units made up of a city and all it's surroundings.
Empire A government that includes many different peoples and land under a single rule.
Hellenistic Greek-like culture helped shape life in Egypt, central Asia, and other parts of the world for many years.
Middles Ages The period in time which lasted from about 500 until 1500 - also known as the medieval period
Pope Head of the Christian church.
Crusade A religious war.
Rome The capital of Italy; it was the capital of the ancient Roman Empire
Republic A type of government in which people elect leaders to make laws for them.
Feudal system The system of exchanging land for military service.
Senate A council of rich and powerful Romans who helped run the city.
Citizens People who could take part in the government.
Carthage An ancient Phoenician port city in North Africa in modern Tunisia
Aqueducts Channels used to carry water over long distances.
Holy Land The region in which Jesus lived.
Gothic architecture A style known for its high pointed ceilings, tall towers, and stained glass windows.
Manor A large estate owned by a noble or knight.
Nation-state A country united under a single strong government.
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