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Vocabulary Lesson 8

Study Skills

accompany to go along with; to play a musical instrument for
beneficial helpful, favorable
captive one that is held prisoner; unable to escape; being held against one's will
convenient making life easier or more comfortable
ecstasy strong feeling of emotion (joy)
expanse wide, open area; a stretch
expedition long journey by a group to explore or a group that makes that journey
inept clumsily or awkwardly expressed; lacking in skill or ability
interpret to translate into another language; to explain the meaning of; to understand in one's own way
invaluable priceless; too valuable to measure
linger to be slow in leaving or going away
retrieve to recover or get back
skirmish a minor fight or battle; to take part in such a fight
supplement something added to make up for something missing; to add to
territory a particular area of land
Created by: ashtcu