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1920s & Great Dep

1920s and the Coming of the Great Depression

assembly line a series of stations of workers, machines, & equipment at which people & machines add to or assemble the parts of a product.
installment plan a purchase plan that allows consumers to make regular payments for the item purchased over a period of time
boll weevil a small grayish, long-snouted beetle that attacked the cotton plant.
stock market a place where shares of ownership in corporations (Stock) are bought and sold.
Great Depression a severe economic downturn that began with the stock market crash of 1929 & lasted until WW II
purchasing power the ability to buy goods & services
surplus a quantity much larger than is needed
entrepreneur one who organizes, operates, & assumes the risk for a business venture
suburbanization the construction of homes & movement of people away from cities
flappers young women of the 1920s
Lindbergh first man to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean
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