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Social Studies

Flynn Colonial Period Vocabulary (Unit 3)

covenant a contract, an agreement
common the village green or center of Puritan villages characterized by the presence of a Puritan church or meeting house
tolerate to allow people to have different beliefs from your own
fundamental something basic or necessary
slavery the practice of treating people as property and forcing them to work
patroon the name given to wealthy Dutch landowners who were given land to farm along the Hudson River by the Dutch West India company in the 1600s
proprietor a person who owns property or a business
plantation a large farm that often grows one cash crop
indigo a plant that is used to produce a blue dye
debtor a person who owes money
slave trade the business of buying and selling people
apprentice a person learning a craft or trade from a master
growth rate an increase or decrease of something expressed in percnetage
Great Awakening a religious movement of the 1700s
backcountry Colonial area between the Appalachian Mountains and the Atlantic Coastal Plain
slave codes rules made by colonial planters that controlled the lives of enslaved Africans
spiritual the religious songs of enslaved Africans
triangular trade trade routes during the Colonial Period forming a triangular shape
Middle Passage the middle leg of the colonial trade route in which captive Africans were shipped to the West Indies
industry a branch of business, trade, or manufacturing
assembly a lawmaking body
legislation laws passed by a lawmaking body
Created by: bflynn