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Bourb, Pop, & Prog

Bourbons, Populists, and Progressives

Bourbon Triumvirate name given to 3 Georgia leaders-Joseph E. Brown, Alfred H. Colquitt, & John B. Gordon- after Reconstruction ended.
Farmers' Alliance worked for lower railroad freight rates, lower interest rates, & change in governments tight money policy.
co-op cooperative buying store that allows members to buy goods & equipment directly from producers.
graduated income tax tax on a person's income in which the higher a person's income, the higher the percentage of tax a person would pay.
Populist Party political party formed in the late 1800s by farmers and labor organizations.
fraud an act of of deceiving or misrepresenting.
county unit system procedure for political parties in which candidates for statewide office were chosen not by the overall popular votes but by the unit votes of each county.
progressivism a movement for reform whose members believed that government was best able to deal with the problems brought on by industrialization and urbanization.
suffrage the right to vote.
Nineteenth Amendment gave women the right to vote.
Joseph E. Brown Governor during the Civil War, believed in secession. He became a Republican after the war and then switched back to being a Democrat and served in the U.S. Senate from 1880-1890
Alfred H. Colquitt believed in secession, served in Confederate Army. After the war he was GA governor from 1876-1883 and U.S. Senate from 1883-1894
John B. Gordon was in the Confederate Army and an opponent of Reconstruction. He was the GA Governor in 1886 in the U.S. Senate from 1891-1897
William J. Northen Farmers' Alliance member elected as GA governor in 1890 as a democrat
Thomas E. Watson leading spokesman for populism in GA and leader in passing Rural Free Delivery Act
Rebecca Latimer Felton 1st female senator in U.S. history
Hoke Smith owned the Atlanta Evening Journal and elected GA Governor as a reformer (1907-1909,1911)
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