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2015 Quiz Bowl

Quiz Bowl Practice

During this geologic era, Laurasia and Gondwanaland separated. The Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction event ended this era, which started around 250 million years ago and is known as the Age of the Reptiles. Mesozoic Era
This man's death sparked turmoil called the Year of the Four Emperors. This last ruler of the Julio-Claudian Dynasty led a persecution of Christians following an AD 64 conflagration. Nero
A 2013 title in this game series has the protagonist get advice from Zurvan the Ancient One and sees General Horace Warfield die. Its characters also include Jim Raynor and Sarah Kerrigan. StarCraft
This man is bought for a thousand gold pieces and sleeps in Glumdalclitch's doll's cradle. He is chained to a building where he sees trees seven feet tall and residents of six-inch size. Dr.Lemuel Gulliver or Gulliver's Travels
This empire used jaguar and eagle knights to fight the ”flowery wars” against Tlaxcala. Its capital, was attacked by the Spanish during the reign of Montezuma. What Native American empire of Mexico was conquered by Hernán Cortés? Aztec Empire (or Mexica or Anahuac)
Math question. Find the mean of 13 consecutive integers, when the smallest of which is 47. 53
She gets her first kiss from Peter. Her father Otto was her only family member to (*) survive after their secret annex was discovered. Name this girl who wrote a diary while hiding from Nazis. Anne (Marie) Frank
An interacting pair of these entities dubbed Antennae exhibit 350,000-light-year-long tidal tails. They lie within filaments, sheets, and clusters, & contain massive black holes. Name these large, gravitationally bound collections of dust, gas, & stars. galaxy (or galaxies)
Abbie Hoffman was knocked off the stage here during The Who's performance, and Jimi Hendrix played “The Star-Spangled Banner.” Name this 1969 upstate New York music festival attended by many hippies. Woodstock (Music and Art Fair)
This man provided the voice of Sergeant Roebuck in the video game Call of Duty: World at War. Name this actor who starred as Jack Bauer on the Fox series 24. Kiefer Sutherland
Emphysema is a disease of these organs, which are filled with alveoli. Name them. Lungs
Lebanon Levi appears on a Discovery Channel show about its ”mafia.” One form of Anabaptist theology is practiced by what people known for simple living? The Amish
The formula with this name can be derived by completing the square. Name the formula used to solve equations with an x squared term. quadratic formula (equation)
The Reflecting Pool is adjacent to what 555-foot tall structure in the United States capital? Washington Monument
In one election, this Democrat was backed by Republican Mugwumps and defeated James G. Blaine, who accused him of “Rum, Romanism, and Rebellion.” Name the president that sandwiched Benjamin Harrison with non-consecutive terms? Grover Cleveland
The Dogger Bank is a shallow section of this sea. The Wadden Sea is an intertidal section of it along the Frisian [FREE-shun] Islands. Name this sea between Great Britain and Scandinavia. North Sea
People are selected to be on one of these in a process known as “voir dire” Name these panels of citizens who hear evidence and reach a verdict at trials. a jury
Avidius Cassius rebelled against this man, who co-ruled for eight years with Lucius Verus. This last of the Five Good Emperors was succeeded by his son Commodus. Name this Roman emperor. Marcus Aurelius (Antoninus Augustus)
In 2012 works, these characters visit the Thrill Kingdom roller coasters and assist Dylan, from the band Crush, when a guitar disappears. Name these detective brothers created by Franklin W. Dixon. The Hardy Boys (or Frank and Joe Hardy)
Impulse is the product of force and this quantity. Name it. Time
To paralyze with astonishment or fear, or to convert something into stone? petrify
To adore, or to raise someone or something to the status of a god? deify
What term describes a polygon if all of its diagonals are inside the polygon? convex polygon
Name that Islamic dynasty, whose emperors included Babur and Akbar the Great. Mughal dynasty (or Mughal empire or Mogul dynasty or Mogul empire)
Name this desert that covers north Africa Sahara Desert
What 1967 Middle Eastern conflict takes its name from the fact that it lasted less than a week? Six-day War
Math question. What is the area of a rectangle that has a perimeter of 40 and a length-to-width ratio of 3:2 96
This novel's narrator dresses as a ham for a Halloween pageant and Boo Radley rescues Scout Finch. Name it. To Kill a Mockingbird
This tsar who won the Great Northern War built Russia's 18th-century capital on the Gulf of Finland. Peter the Great (Peter I)
This former senator and presidential candidate became secretary of state in February 2013. Name him. John Kerry
Amoebae move using these “false feet” formed by extending their ectoplasm. The scientific name for "false feet" is what? pseudopods (or pseudopodia)
What type of organism cannot produce its own energy (food) Consumer or Heterotroph
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