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Law of Persons

South Africa's Law of Persons

a contrario by way of contrast
a fortiori so much the more
a priori before the case has been investigated
a quo from which
ab initio from the beginning
absolution from the instance This means that the plaintiff has not discharged his/her burden of proof, but his/her claim is not dismissed
actio action
ad hoc for a specific occasion or purpose
ad idem agreed
ad infinitum to infinity
ad litem for the case or suit
affidavit sworn statement
aliter otherwise
beneficium benefit
bona fide in good faith
cadit quaestio the question falls away
cautio de restituendo security for restitution
coitus sexual intercourse
compos mentis sane
condictio action of which property is recovered
consensus consent
contra bonos mores contrary to good morals
contumelia insult
cur adv vult/ curia adisari vult The court wishes to consider its decision
de bonis propriis out of his/her pocket
de facto in fact
de iure in law
de lege ferenda as the law should be
de minimis non curat lex the law is not concerned with trivialities
de novo anew
eiser plaintiff
emancipatus emancipated minor
error mistake
ex abundanti cautela for the sake of greater caution
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