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Grade 8 LOMS

Tags: pricekat Types of Government (for quiz on 10/24/14)

Government DescriptionGovernment
Please note: This Study Stack stack is not for an AP course. Thus said do not expect it to hold up to AP standards. Thank you, Cade Canepa Additional Note
Rule by none Anarchy
What type of government is represented by an A enclosed in a circle Anarchy
There are two types of Democracy. What are they? Direct & Representative Democracy
A government in which I could vote directly Direct Democracy
An example of me is Ancient Athens Direct Democracy
A government in which I would vote for someone to make laws for me Representative Democracy
An example of me is Ancient Rome and the USA Representative Democracy
A form of government in which there are two branches (think of DC and states). But the states have more power. Confederation
An example of me is when the US was under the Articles of Confederation Confederation
When the government is based on religion Theocracy
An example of me is many Middle Eastern countries Theocracy
A government with a single ruler. (Main Branch) Hint: starts with A Autocracy
An example of this 'government branch' are Absolute Monarchies and Dictatorships Autocracy
Ruled by a small group of influential leaders. Oligarchy
Rule by King or Queen. Power is inherited Monarchy
King or Queen has absolute power. Absolute Monarchy
King or Queen rules with limited authority Constitutional Monarchy
An example of me is China today Oligarchy
An example of me is Medieval England (before Magna Carta) Absolute Monarchy
An example of me is the United Kingdom today Constitutional Monarchy
A single ruler with power. NO RESTICTIONS Dictatorship
An example of me is Nazi (Germany) under Hitler's rule Dictatorship
This is when the government controls nearly every aspect of society and opposition is not permitted Totalitarian Governments
An example of me is North Korea today Totalitarian Governments
Most Totalitarian Governments are _______ Communist
Extra info on Communism Communism is a system where all property is public and people work and are given things by the government according to their abilities and needs
Created by: Cade Canepa