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FMS 6th Ch 5


maize crop grown by the Early Mayans
Palenque city where King Pacal had a temple built to record his achievements
observatories buildings from which people could study the sky
Mesoamerica region that stretched from the central part of Mexico south to include the northern part of Central America
Maya Civilization reached its height between AD 250 and 900, known as the Classic Age
Tenochititlan capital of the Aztec Empire
causeways raised roads across water or we ground--to connect the island to the lakeshore
conquistadors Spanish conquerors
Aztecs had a complex social culture, a demanding religion, and a rich culture
Hernan Cortes led conquistadors to find gold, claim land, and convert the native people to Christianity
Moctezuma II Aztec Emperor
Cuzco capital of the Inca Empire
Pachacuti Inca ruler
Quechua Inca language
masonary stonework
Francisco Pizarro organized expeditions to explore the west coast of South America
Inca Empire region that stretched from what is now Ecuador south to central Chile
chinampas floating gardens
Created by: Stoll FMS