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Explorers Set Two

Columbian Exchange the movement of people animals, plants, diseases, and ways of life between the Eastern and Western Hemisphere.
Conquest capture or taking of something by force
colonist person who lives in an area that is under control of another country far away
society group of people that come together and form a community
plantation large farms with many workers who live on the land that they work on
mission religious settlement where missionaries live and work
Renaissance A time period that lasted about 250. This word means “rebirth”
printing press machine that made it possible to print large numbers of books rapidly.
Silk Road a major trade route between China and other lands that was made of a network of routes. This could be a very dangerous route.
astrolabe an instrument that helped sailors use the sun and stars to find their location in latitude (distance from the equator).
pilgrimage a journey taken for religious reasons
caravan group of people traveling together. An example would be the traders crossing the Sahara desert.
Created by: billie_blalock