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DV Reading AssignL12

Dean Vaughn Reading Assignment Lesson 12

adrenal situated near the kidney
adrenogenous produced or arising in the adrenal glands
adrenalopathy any disease of the adrenal glands
appendiceal pertaining to an appendix
arterial pertaining to an artery or the arteries
arteriosclerosis hardening and thickening of the arteries
basal pertaining to or situated near a base
basilysis the crushing of the base of the fetal head to facilitate delivery
binocular pertaining to both eyes
birhinia double nose
bronchial pertaining to the bronchi
bronchitis inflammation of the bronchial tubes
colocentesis surgical perforation of the colon
colic pertaining to the colon
duodenal pertaining to or situated in the duodenum
duodenocholangitits inflammation of the duodenum and common bile duct
esophagoptosis prolapse(falling down or downward displacement of the esophagus)
ileal pertaining to the ileum
ileoileostomy surgical creation of an opening between two parts of the ileum
illiac pertaining to the ilieum
iliocostal pertaining to the ilium and the ribs
laryngology that branch of medicine that has to do with the throat.
laryngeal pertaining to the larynx
ligate to bind or tie with a ligature
ligature a thread or wire for surgical tying
ligation the application of a ligature
ovarian pertaining to an ovary or the ovaries
ovsriocentesis puncture of the ovary
ovarin an ovarian horamone
pelvitherm an apparatus for applying heat to the pelvic organs through the vagina
pelvospondylitis inflammation of the pelvic portion of the spine
pelviotomy the operation of cutting the pelvis at any point to facilitate delivery
pharyngocele hernial protrusion of a part of the pharynx also called pharyngoectasis
pharyngomycosis any fungus disease of the pharynx
pharyngosalpingitis inflammation of the pharynx and the Eustachian tube
sacrad toward the sacrum or sacral region
sacroplex the plexus(network of nerves)stemming from the sacrum
splenohepatomegaly enlargement of the spleen and the liver
splenokeratosis hardening of the spleen
laparosplenotomy the operation of making an incision into the side to gain access to the spleen, usually for the purpose of draining a cyst or abscess of the spleen
therapeutics the science and art of healing
thyrochondrotomy surgical incision of the thyroid cartilage
hypothyroidism deficiency of thyroid activity or the condition resulting therefrom
parathyroid situated beside the thyroid gland; any one of the four small glands near the lateral lobes of the thyroid
trifurcation division into three parts
trilobate having three lobes
triplegia paralysis of three of the extremities
ureterectasis distention of the ureter
ureterocutaneostomy surgical creation of an opening of the ureter on the skin, permitting drainage of urine directly to the exterior of the body
ureterolithotomy the removal of a calculus (stone) from the ureter by incision
urethrocele prolapse (hernia) of the female urethra
urethrostenosis narrowing of the urethra
urethrostomy the formation of a permanent surgical opening in the urethra
uterolith a uterine calculus or stone
uterovesical pertaining to the uterus and the bladder
uteropexy the fixation of a displaced uterus
venaecerebri veins that drain blood from the brain
venaecordis veins of the heart, which drain blood from it
venaehepaticae veins that receive blood from the liver
Created by: tina.reynolds