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DV Reading AssignL10

Dean Vaughn L-10 Reading Assignment Combined Elements

amega, amoeba on celled animal that moves by constantly changing its shape; found in soil, water, or as parasites in human tissues and cavities
amebiasis infestation with amebas, especially with a variety that is a parasite in the intestines
anemia lack of red cells in the blood
atrophy lacking development; a wasting away or a decrease in the size of a cell, tissue, organ or part due to a defect of nutrition
dynamic pertaining to or exhibiting force
myodynamic relating to muscular force
adynamia lack or loss of normal powers; asthenia
hyperhormonal pertaining to hormone excess
hormonic pertaining to or acting as a hormone; having the exciting influence of a hormone
maxillary pertaining to the upper jawbone
maxillolabial pertaining to the upper jawbone and the lip
mechanotherapy use of mechanical apparatus in the treatment of disease
labor machanism process involved in the expulsion of the infant and the afterbirth through the birth canal in labor
defense mechanism self-protective physiological reaction of an organism
metrectasia non-pregnant dilation of the uterus
metralgia pain in the uterus
endometritis inflammation of the mucus membrane lining of the uterus
hemotometra accumulation of blood in the uterus
neopathy new disease
neonatal new born; specifically the first 4 weeks after birth
neural pertaining to a nerve or the nerves
pshychoneurosis designates any of various psychic or mental disturbances, characterized by one or several of such reactions as; anxiety, compulsions, obsessions, phobias, depression, etc
anosmatic having no sense of or only an imperfect sense of smell
osmia denoting a condition of the sense of smell
panhysterectomy removal by surgery of the whole of the uterus
pancarditis inflammation of all of the heart including; the outer covering, muscular wall, and lining of the heart cavities
pantalgia pain over the whole body
phakitis inflammation of the crystalline lens of the eye
phacocyst form denoting relationship to the sac enclosing the crystalline lens of the eye
polyacoustic increasing or intensifying sound
polycythemia excessive number of red corpuscles in the blood
polydysplasia faulty development in several types of tissue or several organs
postoral situated behind the mouth
postnatal after the occurrence of birth
posterolateral situated behind and to one side
prepartal occurring before labor
precranial in the front part of cranium
ramose branching; having many branches
ramitis inflammation of roots
semilunar resembling a crescent or half moon
seminormal one-half the normal
stricture abnormal narrowing of a canal, duct, or passage
stricturotomy cutting of a stricture
syndesis fusion (binding) of a joint
symphysis type of joint in which the connected bones are firmly united such as the joint formed by the various bone parts in the hip
synalgia pain experienced in one place as the result of a soreness or injury in another place
integumentary pertaining to or composed of skin
thermal characterized by heat
diathermy generation of heat
hyperthermia abnormally high body temperature; fever
traumatology study and treatment of wounds and injuries
traumatogenic produced or caused by a wound or injury
trichogenous promoting the growth of hair
leukotrichia whiteness of the hair
sclerotrichia hard, dry state of the hair
atrichosis absence of hair
turbinal shaped like a top
turbinotomy surgical cutting of a trubinate bone
nerve avulsion operation of pulling a nerve from its origin avulsion, nail plate
Created by: tina.reynolds