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DV Reading Assign L9

Dean Vaughn L-9 Reading Assignment Combined Elements

calcemia the presence of an abnormally large amount of calcium in the blood
chiropractic method of treating disease by manipulation of the body, especially manipulation of the spine with the hands
cheirarthritis inflammation for the joints of the hands including the joints of the fingers
cineangiography the recording of images of the blood vessels through motion picture techniques
cineangiocardiography recording of images of the heart and the blood vessels through motion picture techniques
kinemia movement of the blood from the heart
bradykinesia slow movement
kinetism the ability to perform or begin muscular motion
collagen the gelatinlike or sticky substance of skin, bone, cartilage and connective tissue
collagenogenic pertaining to the production of collagen
cuticle a little skin; the outer layer of the skin
transcutaneous through the skin
digital pertaining to the fingers and toes
dorsum back of the body
subdorsal situated below the dorsal region
dorsolateral pertaining to the back and side
dysentery abdominal disorders marked by inflammation of the intestines and accompanied by pain in the abdomen, cramp and frequent bowel movements containing blood and mucus
dyspepsia indigestion; a weakening or lessening of the power or function of digestion
dystrophy disorder arising from defective or faulty nutrition; faulty development
enostosis an abnormal bony growth developed within the cavity of a bone
emplastic pertaining to forming within; adhesive; a constipating medicine
empathy entering into the feelings of another person
gangliocytoma tumor containing ganglion cells
ganlioplexus network of nerve fibers in a ganglion
geminate paired; occurring in pairs; aka bigeminal
geminus a twin
digitigrade characterized by walking on the toes
retrograde going or walking backwards
granulation formation in wounds of small rounded fleshy masses
granuloplastic forming granules
granuloma tumor composed of grainy tissue
labium fleshy border or edge; used as a general term to designate such a structure
labiodental pertaining to the lips and teeth
labiology study of the movements of the lips in singing and speaking
laterad toward a side
laterality tendency to use the organs (hand, foot, ear, eye) of the same side
mammary pertaining to the breast
mamilla name for the nipple or any nipplelike structure
mammogram x-ray of the breast
mastalgia pain in the mammary gland
microblepharia small eyelids
microcephaly small head
mocropsia condition in which objects are seen as smaller than they usually are
micropsychia condition of small mind; feebleness of the mind
pepsin substance secreted in the stomach that begins the digestive process
dyspepsia faulty digestion; indigestion
periosteoma morbid bony growth surrounding a bone
periosteum specialized connective tissue covering all bones of the body
pericardium the fibrous sac that surrounds the heart
phobic of the nature of or pertaining to phobia or morbid fear
phobophobia condition marked by fear of one's own fear
photo-ophthalmia blindness or sever inflammation of the eye caused by intense light such as an electric light, rays of welding arc or reflection from snow
photophobia abnormal intolerance of light
pleura name for the membrane that covers the lungs and lines the throacic cavity
pleurisy inflammation of the pleura
pleurocholecystitis inflammation of the pleura and the gallbladder
pleuropneumonia pleurisy complicated with pneumonia
prolabium prominent part of the upper lip
proptosis forward displacement
proencephalon front part of the brain
rachis name for spinal column
rachitic pertaining to or affected with rickets or rachitis
rickets failure to form bones properly and a softening of the bones because of a lack of vitamin D
prootic situated in front of the ear
proptlapse slipping forward (out of place) of an organ or part of the body; displacement
proencephalon the front part of the brain
rachicentesis puncture into the spine
tarsus of lower eyelid edge of the lower eyelid
tarsus of the upper eyelid edge of the upper eyelid
tarsitis inflammation of the tarsus or edge of the eyelid; blepharitis
Created by: tina.reynolds