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Royal Period

Georgia in the Royal Period

French and Indian War French and their Indian allies fought the British for control of the land west of the appalachian Mountains
parish government and religious districts
vestry local governing board
cede to surrender
naval stores tar and pitch are examples of this important GA export
cash crop a crop to be sold for income
headright system this was one method of granting land to colonists during the royal era
tutor a person who makes money by teaching children for a fee
immigrant those that move into a country to live
cracker illiterate and uneducated farmers who moved from the Carolinas and Virginia to Georgia
profit the amount left after all costs, or expenses, are paid
slave code series of laws governing what slaves and masters could and could not do
denomination an organized religious group
John Reynolds he was the first royal governor
James Wright he served as the third and final royal governor
Puritans group of new colonists, originally from New England, moved to GA from S.C.
Quakers this very religious group of colonists believed all persons possessed a spark of God, or "inner light"
Scots-Irish Scots who had left Scotland and settled in Ireland
Bartholmew Zouberbuhler most successful minister during the Royal Period
Henry Ellis he was the second royal governor
militia act passed in 1775, it required 16 to 60 year old men to enroll
Georgia Washington future U.S. president was partly responsible for starting the French & Indian War
Savannah this was the location of the Council House and the seat of government for Royal Georgia
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