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Grade 8 LOMS

"Tags" pricekat Unit 1: Geography

Shows landforms and bodies of water Physical map
Shows features that humans have created (ex. cities, boundaries, etc) Political map
shows both natural and human related features including elevation, lakes, canals, roads, etc Topographic
Shows the average temperature and precipitation Climate Map
Focuses on: natural resources, migration patterns, election results, historical events, etc Thematic Map
The ______ tells you the map's subject and the info it contains Title
The ____ or _______ list and explain what the symbols mean key/legend
The _____ _______ shows you the directions Compass Rose
List the four cardinal direction North, South, West, East
The _____ ______ tells you how far or close something is compared to the distance on a map. distance scale
A ___ is the drawing of the earth map
True or false Maps come in many shapes and sizes TRUE!!!
The best representation of earth is a ____ globe
A ________ map was created long ago for sailors Mercator Map
A ______ map is "a fix" of the Mercator map, it is still not perfect though Peters Projection
A ________ map is oval shaped. It gives true land and water sizes yet it distorts the land shapes Mollweide Map
This map is a projection of a polar cap Polar Projection Map
Earth is made of _____ and ______ land/water
List the seven continents North America, South America, Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia, Antarctica
List the five oceans Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Arctic, Southern
______ are "inside" of continents Countries
Land surround on all sides by water Island
Land surround on three sides by water Peninsula
A narrow piece of and that connects two landforms Isthmus
Only __% of earth is land 30
Rivers flow from _______ elevation to ______ elevation higher to lower
Where the river starts is the _______ and were it ends is the ______ Source/Delta
The fertile land at the end of a river Delta
Smaller rivers that flow into larger ones are known as _________ Tributaries
A ______ is a narrow strip of water that connects two watery bodies Strait
A man made pathway that connects two watery bodies Canal
These three words are interchangeable Seas, Gulfs, & Bays
Created by: Cade Canepa