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3-3 Types of Deeds

Warranty Deed The deed that gives the buyer the most protection and most commonly used.
Special Warranty Deed Similar to the warranty deed except that the grantor does not warrant that the title is entirely free of encumbrances.
Bargain and Sale Deed The deed generally used when a land sales contract has been paid in full; Frequent at Sheriff sales.
Quitclaim Deed The deed generally executed for removal of a cloud on title only.
Grant Deed A deed used in California which has fewer covenants than warranty deed.
Trust Deed A security instrument which creates a lien against a property.
Reconveyance Deed The instrument executed, delivered, and recorded when a loan secured by a trust deed is paid in full.
Estoppel Deed A deed used by a delinquent borrower to deed property to a creditor rather than proceed to foreclosure.
Partial Reconveyance Deed A deed used to release a portion of property secured by a blanket encumbrance.
Covenant of Seizen Warrants that the grantor is the owner of the property and has the right to convey the property.
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