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Written Correspond.

Written communication & mail

academic degree a title conferred by a school upon completion of a program
amiable having qualities that make you easy to like
annotating furnishing with notes that are critical or explanatory
archived to have filed records or documents
bond a durable, formal paper used for documents
categorically placed in a specific division or classification
clauses groups of words containing a subject & predicate and functioning as a member of a complex sentence
collect on delivery (COD) must make payment when an item is delivered
concise brief
condescending assuming an air of superiority
continuation pages the second & following pages of a letter
courier a messenger
curt marked by rude shortness
disseminate disperse throughout
domestic mail within the US
editing to alter, adapt, or refine before publication; checking a document for factual accuracy, logical flow, conciseness, clarity, & tone
flush immediately adjacent; having no indentation
girth measurement around
grammar study of classes of words & their functions
international mail outside of the US
intrinsic inward; personal
phrases groups of words with a specific function
portfolio a set of frequently used documents in a folder
ream a quantity of paper either weighing 20 lbs or consisting of 480, 500, or 516 sheets
recipient receiver of something
stationers sellers of stationery
substance number a number based on the weight of a ream of 500 sheets of paper
superfluous extra; exceeding what is necessary
template a pattern or guide
watermark a marking in paper visible when held up to the light; determines quality of paper
noun person, place, or thing/thought, idea, or concept
pronoun replace nouns & provide shortcuts (he, she, them)
verb action verbs express movement; linking verbs express a state of being
adjective describes nouns or pronouns
adverb describes verbs, adjectives, or other adverbs; specify when, where, to what extent, or how
preposition show a relationship between nouns, pronouns, or other words (with, on, for, after, at, by)
conjunction joins words or phrases (and, or, not, but)
interjection shows strong feelings
Block Letter Style the most efficient style; all lines flush with left margin
Modified Block Letter Style dateline, complimentary closing, & typed signature all begin at center; all other lines are flush with left margin
Modified Block Letter Style w/Indented Paragraphs identical to Block Letter Style except first line of each paragraph is indented 5 spaces
Simplified Letter Style eliminates salutation & complimentary closing; all lines flush with left margin
Parts of a letter Heading, Opening, Body, & Closing
Continuation pages must include: 1. Name of addressee 2. Page number 3. Date
First Class Mail letters, business replies, post cards 13 oz or less
Priority Mail letters, business replies, etc weighing more than 13 oz
Second Class Mail (Standard Mail) advertising, promotional, directory, or editorial materials; magazines, newspapers, circulars
Express Mail guaranteed by next business day (most expensive)
Registered Mail mail of high $$ value; intended receiver must sign; can be tracked; refund offered if lost
Certified Mail mail with no $$ value; provides sender with proof of delivery & signature; does not offer insurance
Steps for Opening Mail 1. Sort according to importance & urgency 2. Open all envelopes not marked personal/private 3. Date stamp & initial each letter 4. Attach enclosures 5. Pull files of patients w/correspondance
Forwarding Mail First Class Mail can be forwarded for up to 1 year
Returned Mail costly to the office - envelopes, paper, postage, etc
Tracing Lost Mail only Certified & Registered Mail can be traced b/c it has a paper trail & tracking #
proof reading checking a document for grammatical, spelling, & formatting errors
itinerary a way to organize details concerning travel
agenda a list of specific items to be addressed at a meeting
Media Mail books, film, manuscripts, music, recordings, play scripts, etc.
Insured Mail available for First Class, Priority, & Parcel Post mail
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