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Fisher Latin America

Global Studies Regents Review Latin America

River in northern South America. Amazon River
Mountains along the west coast of Latin America, site of Inca Empire. Andes Mts.
Term for dense jungle. Rain forest
Agricultural method used to create flat farm land to grow crops in mountainous areas. Terrace farming
Original meeting between European explorers and Latin American natives. The Encounter
Two European nations which conquered and colonized Latin America. Spain and Portugal
Monotheistic religion brought to Latin America by missionaries. Christianity
Two early Central American civilizations, developed around Mexico. Maya and Aztec
Early South American civilization, developed around Peru in Andes Mts. Inca
Belief in many gods. Polytheism
Term for Spanish people who conquered Central America. Conquistadores
Disease introduced to Latin America by Europeans, caused high death toll for natives. Small pox
Two advantages Spanish conquerors had over Latin American natives. Horses, weapons
System in which Spanish colonists in Latin America were given land and allowed to collect "tribute" from natives living on that land. Encomienda system
Revolutionary leader who helped free Bolivia, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru from Spanish control in early 1800's. Simon Bolivar
Revolutionary who led a successful rebellion against European imperialism in Haiti. Toussaint L'Ouverture
Revolutionary leader who led successful rebellions again Spanish imperialism in Argentina. Jose de San Martin
Revolutionary leader who helped free Chile from Spanish control. Bernardo O'Higgins
1823 US foreign policy ending colonialism in Latin America by warning Europeans to stay out of Western Hemisphere. Monroe Doctrine
1904 US foreign policy establishing American role as police force in Latin America, Latin Americans strongly resented interference. Roosevelt Corollary
1933 US foreign policy agreeing to end American interference in Latin America, improve relations, and increase trade Good Neighbor Policy
Revolutionary leader who overthrew Batista family in Cuba and estabished a communist government. Fidel Castro
Eastern European nation given permission by Castro to build nuclear missile silos on the island of Cuba during the Cold War. Soviet Union
Military dicator who seized control of Chile in 1971, tortured and killed thousands to estabish and maintain control. Pinochet
Created by: fisher_lisa