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Fisher India

Global Studies Regents Review India & Southeast Asia

World's highest mountains. Located along northern border of India. Himalaya Mts.
Seasonal winds that bring rainy season to Southeast Asia. Monsoons
River in northwest India, site of early Gupta Empire. Indus River
River in northeast India, sacred to Hindus Ganges River
Indian Empire known for major achievements in math, science, art, literature, and medicine. Gupta Empire
Belief system based on the teachings of Siddharta Guatama. Buddhism
List of Buddha's teachings: Life is suffering, suffering is caused by attachment to things, suffering can be ended by following eightfold path. Four Noble Truths
Being reborn after death into another life. Reincarnation
The ultimate achievement for Hindus, an end to reincarnation. Nirvana
Polytheistic belief system founded in India. Beliefs include the caste system. Hinduism
Five levels of society in Hinduism including top level (Brahman)and lowest level (Harijans, aka Untouchables). Caste System
The rules of a caste members are expected to follow. Dharma
A person's actions in life which influence their rebirth into a higher or lower caste. Karma
Holy book of Hindu teachings Vedas
Nationalist leader who used non-violent methods to oppose British imperialism and achieve independece for India. Mohandas Ghandi
Three methods/events Ghandi used to show opposition of British imperialism in India. Fasting, Salt March, Homespun Movement
Separation of India into two countries (India and Pakistan) after achieving independence due to religious differences between Hindus and Muslims. Partition
Southeast Asian country divided after 1954 into a communist north and a democratic south. Vietnam
Communist leader of North Vietnam who led Vietcong troops to attack South Vietnam, leading to an eventual reuniting of the country. Ho Chi Minh
Communist leader of Cambodia whose Khmer Rouge group committed human rights violations. Pol Pot
Conflict fought from 1964-1973 between Vietcong and UN forces in an attempt to contain communism in Southeast Asia. Vietnam War (Conflict)
Spread of Buddhism from India to the world is an example of this action. Cultural diffusion
Political activist who promoted democracy in Burma/Myanmar Aung San Suu Kyi
Created by: fisher_lisa