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Fisher Africa

Global Studies Regents Review Africa

Sahara World's largest desert. Located in northern Africa
Savanna Grassland region. Located between the Sahara Desert and the rain forest region of Africa
Rain Forest Dense jungle
Arable Fertile land, suitable for farming
Deforestation Overcutting of trees, mainly in rain forest.
Reasons for deforestation Profit from wood, need for more land for agriculture and living space.
Environmental problems of deforestation Erosion, loss of habitat for animals.
Desertification Spreading of desert when soil is eroded by human activity.
Causes of desertification Over-cultivation: land is farmed until no longer arable. Over-grazing of livestock. Deforestation.
West African Trading Kingdoms Ghana, Mali, Songhai, Hausa, Benin
Wealth comes from Trade with other nations/empires
Mansa Musa Mali Emperor. Visited Mecca, made Mali an Islamic empire.
East African Trading Kingdoms Egypt, Axum, Mogadishu, Kilwa, Sofala
Site of early Egyptian civilization Nile River Valley
Traditional Society Family is most important, decisions based on past practices and religious beliefs, ancestor worship, barter economy, belief in animism.
Too many people living in one area Overpopulation
Problems with overpopulation Pollution, depletion of natural resources, poverty, increased crime
Reasons for overpopulation Culture/religion prohibits birth control or encourages large families. Lack of access to or knowledge of birth control.
Bantu migration Bantu tribe moved in search of more land for agriculture. Bantu culture spread across Africa.
Created by: fisher_lisa