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Medical Terminology

Dean Vaughn Medical Terminology 350

tarso framework of the eyelid
cheir hand
calc heel,stone
cine move
digit finger,toe
dors back
gangli swelling
gemin twin
grad walk,take steps
gran grain,particle
labi lip
micr small
peps digest
pleur pleura,rib,side
mamm breast
colla glue
later side
rachi spinal column
phob fear
phot light
dys bad
cut skin
en in
peri about,around
pro in front of,before
mechano machine
dynam power
osmo odor
traumat wound
trich hair
maxill upper jawbone
an,a without,not
phak lens
pre in front of,before
strict draw tight
turbin shaped like a top
ameb change
semi half
neo new
hormone excite
therm heat
syn,sym together
vuls twitch or pull
post after
metr uterus
tegumant covering,skin
pan all
poly many
ramus branch
neuro nerve(nervous system)
thromb lump,clot
ab away from,not
plegia paralysis
ante before
thel nipple
ex out,away from
lien spleen
tumor swelling
vestibule entrance
puer child
sarc flesh
proli offspring
macro large
lal speech
intra within
inter between
infra beneath
cryo cold
mal bad
glom ball
tens stretch
spas pull,draw
somni sleep
pharmac drug
lumbo loins
arter artery
appendic appendix
thryo thryoid
splen spleen
ovario ovary
adreno adrenal(gland)
basi base
pelvi pelvis
vena vein
urethr urethra
utero uterus
sacro sacrum
pharyng pharynx
duodeno duodenum
ureter ureter
laryng larynx
bronch bronchus
col colon
esophag esophagus
bi two,double,both
tri three
ile-* ileum*
ili-* ilium*
lig ligament
therap therapy
aerosis accumulation of gas in an organ
aerial pertaining to air
aleoli lung
dental alveolus the tooth socket in the upper & lower jaw bone
alveolectomy surgical excision of the tooth socket bony
corneal pertaining to the cornea of the eye
polydactyly having extra finger & toes
edematous pertaining to or effected by edema
edema swelling with fluid
pilmonary edema
peripheral edema
fistulate make a narrow passage
internal fistula making a narrow passage b/w two internal organs
external fistula passage b\w a hollow organ & the external surface of the body
bifurcate divides into 2 like a fork
hypoglycemia to little blood sugar
hyperglycemia to high blood sugar
gravid pregnant
iris rainbow
hyperkeratosis the membranous covering og the abdominal organs
omentum over growth of the horny layer of skin
omenopexy the attachment of the omentum to another tissue or organ
oophorpexy the surgical fixation or attaching of the ovaries
partietal pleura pertaining to the walls of the lung cavity
parietal pericardium pertaining to the walls of the abdominal cavity
parietal peritoneum pertaining to the walls of the heart cavity
macrophage big cells that eat bacteria
dysphage not being able to swallow right
phagocytosis when something eats something else
odynophagia pain in swallowing
phrenic nerve a nerve that stimulates the diaphragm to contract
plague a path
pneumonia inflammation of the lung, usually w\complications w\chills, fever, coughing, & pain
pneumatic pertaining to air on respirations
apnea no breathing
dyspneic had breathing
ptyalism excessive secretion of saliva
pulmonic/pulmonary pertaining to the lungs
renopulmonary pertaining to the kidneys & lungs
radiology sudy of X-rays
radiculoneurophathy disease of nervus roots & the nerves
sedative/sedation the act on process of calming, an agent such as a grud that calms or reduces exicitement
visceral pericardium
viseral pleura
visceral peritoneum
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