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Chap. 12-Temming

President Monroe was a believer in____________. nationalism
The idea that all people should pull together with a sense of strong pride in their country is called_____________________. nationalism
President Monroe warned European nations against trying to take over parts of America by issuing the________________. Monroe Doctrine
The Monroe Doctrine would protect American lands from further______________. colonization
Which president was from a poor family of pioneers who moved west? Andrew Jackson
Andrew Jackson taught himself______ and won the _______ ____________. law Battle of New Orleans
Which political party was President Jackson a member of? Democrats
Democrats encouraged everyone to vote, especially the_________ ________. common people
When settlers began to claim Indian land in the Southeast, President Jackson encouraged Congress to pass the______ _______ ______. Indian Removal Act
The Indian Removal Act gave the President power to move Native Americans to land _____ of the ____________ ________. west Mississippi River
Before the__________ _________, tools, cloth, and most other goods were made by hand. Industrial Revolution
The invention of machines helped Americans manufacture more goods much ________ and more _________than before. faster cheaply
Three things that lead to increased crop production were Eli Whitney's________ _____, Cyrus McCormick's_________ ______, and an increase in the number of______to grow and pick the cotton. cotton gin mechanical reaper slaves
A common way to transport manufactured goods to markets on the western frontier was the___________ ___________. National Road
The National Road stretched from________,___ to ______,______. Cumberland, Maryland Vandalia, Illinois
Robert Fulton improved moving goods by boat when he developed a________powered by a_____ _________. riverboat steam engine
A third way to move goods during this period was the development of the_____________. locomotive
The__________greatly improved land travel. locomotive
The Second Great Awakening stirred Americans to examine_________in their lives. religion
People who moved to end slavery in America were called___________. Abolitionists
Frederick Douglass traveled north on _______trips to end____________. speaking slavery
Sojourner Truth became a____________. preacher
William Lloyd Garrison started an abolitionist__________. newspaper
The 3 goals of the women's rights movement were: 1. The right to own property 2. Vote 3. Attend college
Elizabeth Cady Stanton said, "We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men _____ _______ are created equal. and women
What three areas were targeted for reform in the 1850's? 1. a poor education system 2. bad prison conditions 3. treatment of mentally ill
Created by: Mrs. Logan