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Scientific Method

The Metric System- Unit 1

What do scientists use to study the world around us? -they use tools to take measurements of things
What are the basic laboratory tools used? 1)A metric ruler 2)A triple beam balance 3)A graduated cylinder 4)a Celsius thermometer
What is the most common tool for measuring length? -the metric ruler
Most measurements of mass will be in what units? -grams
What is the range on a metric ruler? -between 0cm and 30cm
What is the most common tool used to measure mass? -the triple-beam balance
Describe/Explain the 3 beams on a triple-beam balance. 1) The front beam is the smallest beam and it is 10 segments measuring 1 gram each 2) The middle beam is the biggest beam and it is 5 segments measuring 100 grams each 3) The back beam is 10 segments measuring 10 grams each
How do you balance the beam? -match the pointer to the "balanced" position by adjusting sliders on the beams
What items should never be placed on the scale/balance? -powder chemical solids -liquids
What unit of measure will volume usually be in? mL
What is the most common tool used to measure volume? -the graduated cylinder
Describe/Explain how to measure the volume of a liquid. -pour the liquid into the graduated cylinder and measure where the bottom portion of the "curve" (of the liquid) lines up with
What is the bottom portion of the curve called? -the meniscus
What can be used to measure the volume of a rectangular solid? -a metric ruler
What is the formula that is used to determine the volume of a solid object? v= l x w x h
What are the steps to measuring the volume of an irregular solid? 1)measure the volume of a liquid (such as water) by pouring it in the graduated cylinder 2)record the volume of the height 3)place the solid in the graduated cylinder and record the volume 4)subtract the difference -units are in cm3(centimeters cubed)
What is the most common tool used to measure temperature? - a thermometer
What type of thermometer is used on a lab? -a Celsius thermometer
What is each segment on a thermometer equal to? -1 degree Celsius
How low do some thermometers read? -as low as -25 degrees Celsius
What is the order of the Metric ladder? kilo, hecto, deka, basic unit, deci, centi, milli (King Henry Drank Bad Dark Chocolate Milk)
Which way do you move the decimal point for each step going DOWN the Metric Ladder? -move the decimal point one place to the right
Which way do you move the decimal point for each step going UP the Metric Ladder? -move the decimal point one place to the left
Convert: 165.23mm = _________ cm. 16.523cm
Convert: 42g = _________ mg. 42,000mg
Convert: 9876.357 L = _________ hL. 98.76357hL
Convert: 0.89m = _________ dm. 8.9dm
Convert: 165.23cm = _________ mm. 1652.3mm
Describe 2 reasons why scientists use the Metric System instead of the English System? 1)It's easier to use because it's based on 10's 2) It's used worldwide by scientists as a common system to communicate
Created by: carlsond