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The Urinary System

The Human Body- Unit 7

What is the urinary system? -a collection of organs that work together to remove wastes from your blood
What are the components of the urinary system? (the organs/structures) -kidneys, ureters, urinary bladder and urethra
What are kidneys? -2 bean shaped organs that constantly clean the blood
What do the kidneys do? -they filter about 2000 L of blood per day; blood cycles through the kidneys 350 times per day
What are nephrons and what do they do? -they are microscopic filters in the kidneys that remove wastes (urea) from the blood
What do veins and arteries do? -arteries bring oxygen rich blood into the kidney; veins bring clean oxygen poor blood out of the kidneys
What are ureters and what do they do? -they are 2 slender tubes that remove liquid wastes (urine) from the kidneys
What does the urinary bladder do? -it stores liquid wastes (urine)
What is the Urethra? -a small opening in which urine leaves the body from
What are 3 ways your body balances water? -sweat, antidiuretic hormone (ADH), diuretics
How does sweat balance the water in your body? -you lose water in your body because of heat, therefore you make less saliva, which causes you to feel thirsty
How do antidiuretic hormones (ADH) balance the water in your body? -it signals the kidney to take back more water from nephrons to return it to the bloodstream- making less urine
How do diuretics balance the water in your body? -some beverages (caffeinated)cause the kidneys to make more urine, which decreases the amount of water in the blood
Name 3 problems in the urinary system. -bacterial infections, kidney stones,kidney disease
What are bacterial infections? -bacteria in the bladder or ureters; treated with antibiotics
What are kidney stones? -salts and wastes harden into tiny stones and interfere with urine flow; treated with shock waves or "passed" naturally
What is kidney disease? -damage to the nephrons; treated with dialysis-a machine used to artificially filter blood
How do the kidneys filter blood? (part 1) -the artery brings dirty blood into the kidney -blood vessels branch into nephrons -water, glucose, salts, amino acids, and urea are removed from blood (stay in the nephrons) -water goes back into the bloodstream
How do the kidneys filter blood? (part 2) -water goes back into bloodstream -cleaned blood (less water & less waste) leaves kidney through a vein -urine (remaining liquid waste) leaves kidney through 2 ureters -urine is stored in the urinary bladder -urine leaves the body through the urethra
Created by: carlsond