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Grade 7 LOMS

Tips and Strategies Mrs.Sibley & Mrs.Jones PARCC Test Prep

When should you go to bed? on time!!
No electronics ______ minutes before bed 30
Put #2pencils, erasers, something to read, and your ___ in your book bag calculator
Skip this in the morning caffeine
Take deep breaths
Don't _ overeat
Eat ____, grain, ____/________, and dairy Protein; Fruit/Juice
ELA is on what day(s) Tuesday and Wednesday
ELA will consist of Language, MPC, Research to Build Knowledge, and Read & Respond
Math is on what day? Monday
What is on the math section 2 parts of multiple choice; Constructed Response (three parts total)
What days are the science and Social Studies? Wednesday and Thursday
What will be on the SS and science portion multiple choice and a Writing Task
Read ______ before marking anything all answer choices
Circle ________ in the questions key words
Cross out answers you know are not_ correct
Put dots next to ____ answer choices possible
Choose the ____ answer BEST
Remember: Your ______ guess is usually correct first
If you have extra time, ________ go back over your answers
Keep an eye on the ______ clock
When you reach ___ pick a letter and mark the remainder answers that letter 1-2 mins left
Read the questions ____ you read the passage before
__________ important events and take notes on the passage Circle
Remember to _____ (restate) TTQA
Write in _______ complete sentences
Explain by using ________ evidence from the text
Read the entire ___ first page
Circle the ______ topic
_____ in the number of sources box
Label each ______ source
Skim the _______ packet
____ start on the first page Always
Read the ___ several times writing prompt
Circle ____ in the prompt keywords
Remember--Stay on _______ topic
Read the ___ passage
______ your brainstorming set up
pick two to three topics for your _______ body paragraphs
Write your _____ and ______ statement on your rough draft page. Thesis & Summary
make sure you have a __ Beginning, middle, and end
Pretend the reader has no clue so ____ explain everything
Use _______from the passage evidence
Use the dictionary and _____________ thesaurus
Use ____ and metaphors Similes
0-10 write these numbers out
Don't worry about the _____ number of words
Do not write this In the next paragraph... And I am writing about...
Stay on the ___ lines
do not skip _____ lines
Do ___ use abbreviations (EX: b/c, lol, cuz, etc.) not
This is ______ a timed test not
Your brainstorming is your ______ best friend
Stay on __ topic
Don't forget ________ your test number double check
Fill in _________ neatly bubbles
Take _______ breaths deep
Created by: Cade Canepa