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LA Histroy

LAH chapter 10 key concepts

What are states’ rights? Belief that people could block or overrule actions of the federal government
What did Louisianans hope would protect slavery and preserve the Union? Missouri Compromise and the Compromise of 1850
Why were there four candidates in all who ran for election? The issue of slavery split the Democratic Party convention wide open.Southern and northern democrats wanted different candidates
Who won the Election of 1860 Abraham Lincoln
Did Louisiana vote for Abraham Lincoln? No (there was no Republican party in LA, so his name was not on the ballot)
What did Southerners believe Able Lincoln was? Believed he was an abolitionist
What is secession? Withdrawal of a state from the Union
Which state seceded on December 20, 1860? South Carolina
What is propaganda? Information that is spread for the purpose of promoting some cause. This is how public opinion was influenced to want the U.S. to secede.
Would leaving the Union cause hardship for Louisiana? Why or why not? Yes. New Orleans depended on the commerce from the North, and the sugar planters needed the protective tariff the federal government enforced. Other southern states didn’t want the tariff because it did not help their economies.
Who sent state militia to seize Fort Phillip and Fort Jackson? Governor Thomas Moore
When did the Secession Convention decide Louisiana would secede from the United States? January 26,1981
What did Louisiana do on March 21, 1861? Joined the confederate states of America (it was the group of southern states that seceded
Who were the leaders of the confederate states of America? Former senators Judah P. Benjamin and John Slidell
What happened on April 12, 1861? The date the civil war began
What did General P.G.T Beaugurd order the Union to do? Surrender the fort
How many people volunteered in the new Confederate army? 5000 volunteers
Did the Southern soldiers believe the war would last for a long period of a time or short period? Short time (chose names like LA swamp rangers, Caroundelet Invincible) teach Yankees a lesson and settle matters inside 60 days.
What was the name of the first training camp site for Louisiana soldiers? Where was it located? Camp Walker, Metairie Race Track
Why did the soldiers abandon the camp? It was surrounded by a swamp and no safe drinking water, poor Why did the soldiers abandon the camp?location for an army
What became the new training camp for soldiers? Why was this location better than Camp Walker? Camp Moore-located north of Lake Pontchartrain (had hills, tall pines, and plenty of water
What killed many soldiers before they even left the camp? Diseases such as measles killed many soldiers (disease spread quickly) hard to provide enough food and water
To encourage enlistment, what did the Confederate government do? Many people realized the ugly reality of the war, so the gov paid a bounty to those who enlisted (bounty was a one time reward for enlisting)
What was the draft or conscription? There still wasn’t enough volunteers, so they made a rule that required all men of a certain age enlist in the army
Who did not have to enlist? It included a substitution clause, which allowed a man to pay someone else to take his place.Confederate Exempted anyone owning 20 or more slaves
Who supplied the equipment in the early days of war? Parish governments, wealthy individuals, and soldiers themselves
Who supplied the cattle for the South? Ranches in southwest LA and Texas
How was beef preserved? salt
Who sewed uniforms and cartridge bags for the soldiers? Louisiana women
Who did the first volunteers from LA fight? General Robert E. Lee’s army
What was the name of the famous company of the fighters from Louisiana? Louisiana Tigers
Why did President Davis not send the Navy to protect New Orleans? He thought the union would attack from up the river
Who is Admiral David Farragut? He was commander of the navy that sent 47 ships up the river
What were some of the valuable goods that people tried to seize when the people knew the city was lost? Were Confederates successful in taking the city back? No 3. Why did the Union leave Baton Rouge on August 21st? Confederates threatened to recapture Ne Cotton, sugar, tobacco, molasses set in the warehouses
What happened on May 1, 1862? Union General Benjamin Butler took command of the city
When did Baton Rouge fall to Union forces? May, 7, 1862
Were Confederates successful in taking the city back? No
Why did the Union leave Baton Rouge on August 21st? Confederates threatened to recapture New Orleans
What happened in December 1862? state capital burned and many official state records were lost
What did General Butler want from the Bayou Lafourche? Seize the riches and supplies of the region
What was the Anaconda plan? Designed to split the confederacy in two if union could take over the Mississippi river. Arkansas, LA, and TX would be cut off from the rest of the confederacy
What stood in the way of the plan’s success? Vicksburg and Port Hudson
Who now controlled the Mississippi River? The union Union General Ulysses S. Grant
How did Ulysses S. Grant want to get to Vicksburg? Dig canals on the LA side of river to create shortcut to Vicksburg
What happened to the canals? Collapsed
What did Grant’s army do to Vicksburg? Surrounded Vicksburg and prevented any supplies from reaching it
How long did the siege on Port Hudson last? 48 days
What were some of the problems that Louisiana soldiers faced? Mosquitoes and lice Heat and bad water Snapping beetles Ran out of food
Why did the Confederates decide to surrender on July 9, 1863? Found out Vicksburg surrendered
What is a campaign? Military plan with a specific goal that may have several battles in more than one location
What did the Union plan to do to Shreveport? Seize cotton form Red River Valley and take Shreveport
When was the Battle of Mansfield fought? April 8, 1864
What was Bailey’s Dam? New invention to help move union gunboats in shallow water
How did the Union plan to make the war end sooner? Make life miserable for the civilians
What is a guerrilla? A member of a small military group that harasses the enemy
Who did the Florida parishes ask for protection? Union army
What did Confederate troops do when they ran out of supplies? Take supplies from other people
How did the blockade affect New Orleans? Ships couldn’t reach the city with needed goods
What did the newspaper have to print on when it ran out of paper? Wallpaper
What did the Confederates use instead of coffee? Acorns, parched cornmeal, and okra seeds were all tried as substitutes
What were the main problems that hurt the economy? High prices, almost worthless Confederate money, and a shortage of money choked the economy
What did people decide to do for supplies as the war dragged on? People reverted to the skills of the past
What was the Confiscation Act? Gave soldiers the right to take any Confederate-owned property, including slaves
Where did some of the slaves go? Union camps
Where did some of the slaves work? Laborers in New Orleans and work with the military
What was the Emancipation Proclamation? Freed slaves
Who controlled New Orleans during the Civil War? The union
What did General Butler order happen to William Munford? Hanged for pulling down the American Flag
What was the Order No. 28? Any woman who insulted any officer of the United States would be treated like a “woman of the town plying her avocation
What did Butler do to anyone who did not sign the oath of allegiance to the United States? How many state governments did LA have? 2 Seized their property
Who was Butler replaced by? General Nathanial Banks
How did General Banks differ from General Butler? More moderate in his treatment of the city
What did Butler do to closed churches? Reopen them
How many state governments did LA have? 2
Why did the capital of Louisiana keep changing? Avoid federal troops
How did the Confederacy raise money? Sold bonds first/then added an income tax (10% of any crop sold)
Who helped Louisiana from starving and suffering? Henry Watkins Allen
What did Governor Allen call for soldiers? Relief for soldiers (money for wounded soldiers)
What were cotton “cards?” Were used so that cotton could be cleaned and combed
What did General Robert E. Lee do on April 9, 1865? Surrendered his confederate army
Created by: NoelleBordelon