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Grade 7 LOMS

Mrs. Sibley and Mrs. Jones PARCC review vocab.

A place where you can get correct and trustworthy information Accurate or Credible Sources
Writing that makes sense and is easy to read Coherent writing
To repeat a word or phrase word for word Needs "" around it Quote
Repeating words or phrases, but it's not word for word does not need "" Paraphrase
Copying someone's work and not giving them any credit Plagiarism
Prove it. Tell me how you know your answer is right Support Your Claims
Give me a quote from the passage to prove your answer. Textual Evidence
Who is telling the story? Point of View
The most important idea Main Idea -vs- Central Idea
Write out an answer (Math and ELA) Constructed Response
Like a constructed Response but with more detail Extended Response
Extended response in in Social Studies and/or Science Writing Task
five (5) paragraph essay MPC
The fourth sentence in the MPC restate the writing prompt and list the three main ideas in order!! Thesis Statement
First sentence in the conclusion restate the thesis Summary Statement
What is the reason the author wrote? **PIE** Author's purpose
Be sure to check out LPPS Moddle for ILeap review link at www.lpsb.org and www. liveoakmiddleschool.com
Message of the story Theme
To persuade Argumentive
To entertain Narrative
Who will be reading the MPC or story Audience
Adding as many ideas from the text as possible Use Elaborating Details
To inform Expository
Comes after a quote or paraphrase to show where you got info Parenthetical Citations
Add what you already know to what you have read to make a conclusion Inference
Created by: Cade Canepa