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OCES 4 - 5 LMC

Review of Library Media Terms

Author Person who writes the book.
Title Name of the book.
Fiction Stories created from the author's imagination...not real.
Spine The edge of the book where the call number is located.
Nonfiction Text based on facts, real events and real people.
Guide Words Words at the top of a page that tell you the words or topics that are located on that page.
Title Page The page in a book where citation information is located...title, author, and illustrator.
Call Number The "address" of a book that tells where it is located on the shelf.
Illustrator The person who draws the pictures in a book.
Barcode Code with numbers and parallel lines used to identify a book.It is scanned when checking in.
Publisher The company that prints and distributes the book.
Atlas A book of maps.
Thesaurus A book of synonyms and antonyms.
Biography A book about a person's life written by someone else.
Autobiography A book a person writes about him or herself.
Reference Section Section of the media center with atlases, encyclopedias, dictionaries and almanacs.
Almanac A book published each year that contains facts and statistics about weather, population etc.
Plagiarism Copying someone's words and pretending it's your own. Credit is not given to the creator.
Encyclopedia A set of books that has articles on a variety of subjects (people, places and things).
Source The book, periodical or website from which your information comes.
Index Section of the book that has an alphabetical list of topics and the pages where they can be found.
Table of Contents Section of the book that gives you the page numbers of the chapters and their titles.
Bibliography An alphabetical list of sources such as books, periodicals, or websites.
Glossary A book's dictionary of terms.
Graphic Features Graphs, pictures, tables, charts, timelines, diagrams that give visual meaning to text.
Text Features Titles, headings, font changes,and parts of a book are examples found in informational texts.
Copyright A law that protects works from being copied such as: text, photographs, and music.
Primary Source A source that provides a first-hand account. Examples are: letters, photographs, diaries
Secondary Source A source that interprets a primary source. Examples are: text books and encyclopedias
Periodical A magazine, journal or newspaper that is published on a regular basis.
Audio Visual A material that uses both visual and/or sound elements. An example would be a DVD.
Caldecott Medal A yearly award given for exceptional illustrations in a children's book.
Newbery Medal A yearly award given to exceptional writing in a children's book.
Graphic Novel A book that uses a format like a comic book.
Online Catalog or OPAC (online public access catalog) A system that helps you find the call number of a book
Preface An introduction to a book, that usually states its subject or purpose.
Dedication A message written at the beginning of a book to honor, to remember or thank someone.
Genre A specific type of literature like: mystery, historical fiction, realistic fiction etc.
Appendix Section of extra information at the end of a book sometimes presented in a table format.
Editor Someone who checks, corrects and perfects a piece of writing so that it can be published or shared.
Dewey Decimal System The number/letter system that organizes the books on the shelf.
Created by: dnewman