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OCES 4-5 Technology

Review of basic computer terminology

Edit Change or correct something
Select Choose or highlight something
URL Universal Resource Locator or web address
WWW World Wide Web
Scroll Move up or down a page on the screen
Login The way a user gets access to a computer or an application.
Username A specific name used for a user of a computer or application.
Password A secret word or phrase that gives the user access to a computer or application.
Desktop The display screen or window of a computer where icons are arranged.
CPU The tower where the brains of the computer are located.
Monitor Displays the computer's desktop and programs.
Cursor An arrow that you can use to point to things on the computer.
Keyboard A board of keys (letters, numbers, symbols). An input device of the computer.
Cyberbullying Bullying that takes place over the internet and/or a cell phone.
Netiquette Rules of etiquette when online. Having good ________would include treating others kindly.
Virus A harmful program that can damage your computer, files and documents.
Link A word, phrase or image that connects the user to a new document, website, image etc.
Online When a computer is connected to the internet and other devices
Homepage The front page or the starting page of a website.
Search Engine A site that lets a user find information on the web based on keyword searches. (Google)
Digital Footprint A user's online trail. Information left behind when online.(Pictures, profiles etc.)
Icon A picture on a computer screen that represents a program or file on a computer.
Digital Citizenship Ability to think critically,act safely,behave ethically, and participate responsibly online.
Flash Drive Small device used to store files, documents etc. so that a user can move them from one computer to another.
Breadcrumbs A Pathway.. A string of steps to follow to get to a website or page. (Directions)
The Cloud Cyberspace
Social Network Website that lets users communicate with each other through posts, messages, images etc. (Twitter)
Database An organized collection of information online. Destiny is an example of a database.
Upload A program that let's you send data to another computer.
Download A program that let's you receive data from another computer.
Email Electronic Mail
Folder A place to keep files such as: documents, images etc. together
Save (crtl S) To keep your work on the computer so that you can get to it the next time you need it
Cut (ctrl X) To remove something from a document
Software Programs that run a computer
Memory Temporary Storage space on chips in a computer
Disk Drive Part of the computer that reads and/or writes data to a disk
Paste (crtl V) To insert (paste) things like text and pictures into an application like a google document
Copy (ctrl C) To make a copy of something
Keyword An important word used when searching a specific topic
Created by: dnewman