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LA History

LAH Trails to the West-Industrial Revolution LEAP PREP

A trail that settlers used to move to the west- stretched through the Great Plains from western Missouri to the Oregon Territory. Oregon Trail
What were the Effects of westward expansion on Native Americans in the 1800’s Natives were forced to give up their land, some were killed.
What was a small abandoned mission in Texas where there was a battle that Mexico won? Santa Anna was the Mexican commander. All of the Texans at this battle were killed. Alamo
What was the belief that it was the settlers god given right to move to the west To spread from sea to shining sea? Manifest Destiny
Who were settlers who moved to California in search of gold. Led to a large population increase in the California region? Gold Rush-49ers
What was the U.S. purchase of land from Mexico, (for $10 million dollars), that included the southern part of present day Arizona and New Mexico. Set the existing boundary with Mexico. Gadsden Purchase
What was the act passed by the U.S. Congress in 1862, promising ownership of 160 acres of public land to a citizen who lived on and cultivated it for five years? Homestead Act
What was when the factories replaced many handmade products. (Steam engines) Industrial Revolution
What is where parts and goods are produced in large quantities using interchangeable parts. (identical goods)? Mass Production
What was invented by Eli Whitney and it removed the seeds from cotton, leading to an increase in the production of cotton and an increase in slavery? Cotton Gin
What tried to improve working conditions? Trade unions
This caused the rapid growth in the speed and convenience of transportation. (Steamboat, Steam Engine-railroad, canals, plow) Transportation Revolution
What were large farms where cash crops were grown. (Cotton)? Plantations
U.S. citizens that opposed immigration for fear of losing their jobs. Nativists
What was the tariff protecting a country's economy: A tariff on imports whose primary purpose is to protect a country's domestic economy rather than to create revenue? Protective tariffs
This part of the country experienced rapid urbanization and industrialization; the south saw a growth in the agricultural economy and slavery. north
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