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LA History

LAH chapter 8 Key concepts

What was the Louisiana Purchase? . The U.S. bought 900,000 square miles from Napoleon.
What land was a part of the Louisiana Purchase? Louisiana and all or parts of 14 mores states
The Louisiana Purchase added how many square miles to the United States? 900,000 square miles
What was Napoleon’s plan after the French Revolution? Napoleon seized power in France and set out to conquer the world.
Why did Napoleon want Louisiana? As a base for his military operations in North America
What was the Treaty of San Ildefonso? The secret treaty of the Spanish giving Louisiana to France- it took over two years for the transfer to take place
Why did Napoleon send troops to regain control of the French Colony of Saint-Domingue? To use as a base in the West Indies so he could take Louisiana and control the Mississippi River
Why did the French lose control of Saint-Domingue? Toussaint L’Ouverture, a French slave, led a revolution against the French colonial government
What happened in Saint Domingue that changed Napoleon’s future? An epidemic of yellow fever killed most of the French soldiers
Why did Napoleon know he could not protect Louisiana now? He knew he could not protect Louisiana without Louisiana
Why did Napoleon know the United States would want Louisiana? The Americans west of the Ohio River needed access to a port and resented the foreign control of the Mississippi River.
Why did Spain agree to the transfer of Louisiana to France? They knew if they did not accept the sale, Spain would be forced into war with France and the United States.
How many days after Spain transferred Louisiana to France did the colony get transferred to the United States? 20
What led to American protest with the Spanish in 1802. The Spanish stopped the right of deposit on the Mississippi River
Why did Thomas Jefferson say, “the day France takes possession on New Orleans; we must marry ourselves to the British fleet and nation.”? He knew that France would try to take American land along with the Mississippi River. With the British military and government support, America would have a better chance of keeping its land..
What was the original plan President Jefferson agreed upon? He sent James Monroe and Robert Livingston to purchase New Orleans and as much of Gulf Coast as they could for $2 million.
After weeks of discussion, what was Napoleon’s decision? He offered to sell the entire Louisiana Territory for $15 million (about 4 cents an acre).
What were the boundaries of the Louisiana Territory? No boundaries
The Louisiana Purchase increased the size of the United States by how much? It doubled it.
Why did Congress create two territories after the Louisiana Purchase was approved by congress? It was so large and doubled the size of the U.S.
What were the two territories? Territory of New Orleans (most of present day Louisiana) District of Louisiana- the remaining land within Indian Territory
Who governed the District of Louisiana? General James Wilkinson
What was the capital of the District of Louisiana? St. Louis
Who was appointed governor of the Territory of Orleans? William C. C. Claiborne
Where had Claiborne governed before? Mississippi Territory
What challenges did Claiborne face? Spanish were still in Louisiana “taking a hunting trip.” They were actually exploring the border between Louisiana and Texas trying to stir up opposition Land grants had been given without clear boundaries, so land claims and titles caused problems.
Who was considered a Creole? All persons born in the Louisiana colony
Who were considered to be “Free men of color”? Those of mixed race also former slaves who purchased their freedom
Why wasn’t the Territory of Orleans granted statehood immediately? The people had always been under control of either the French or Spanish king controlled government. They had never ruled themselves. Jefferson thought they needed more time to learn the democratic government.
Who were the Kaintucks? Westerners with a different language and strange culture who came down the Mississippi River on their flatboats who came to live in Louisiana
Who were famous explorers to survey and map the Louisiana purchase territory? Lewis and Clark
Who led the Red River Expedition in 1806? Freeman and Custis
Why did the undefined boundaries of the Louisiana Purchase create problems between the U.S. and Spain? Both countries argued over the Sabine River area and who it belonged to.
What did Spain and U.S. decide about the Sabine River area? This was turned into a neutral zone- no one would live there.
Why did Aaron Burr lose his political influence in the U.S? He killed Alexander Hamilton
Who was Aaron Burr? He was a former Vice President of the U.S.
How did he try to regain the power he lost? He worked behind the scenes with the Spanish because he thought Spain was going to declare war to reclaim the port.
What was he accused of? Planning his own empire and encouraging the western states to separate from the U.S
Who stopped Burr in 1805? General Wilkinson, governor of the District of Louisiana
How was Burr stopped? He was arrested for treason but was acquitted.
What was Wilkinson’s role in the Burr Conspiracy? Wilkinson was believed to have been involved due to a note found to him from Burr. He was thought to be a double agent but turned Burr in.
West Florida was not included in the Louisiana Purchase. This area is now called what? Florida Parishes
What parishes are a part of the Florida Parshes? East Baton Rouge, East Feliciana, Livingston, St. Helena, St. Tammany, Tangipahoa, Washington, and West Feliciana
What was the only place east of the Mississippi River that WAS included in the Louisiana Purchase? New Orleans
What reason did the English-speaking settlers give for rebelling against the Spanish government in 1810? Napoleon had invaded Spain in 1808 and appointed his brother the new king.
What was the West Florida revolution? 70 West Florida residents, led by Philemon Thomas, captured fort San Carlos.
When was West Florida annexed in the U.S.? December 1810
What was the approximate slave population by 1812? 35,000
What took place in Norco as the number of slaves increased? A slave uprising
How many residents was a state required to have before they could request statehood? 60,000
What was the date that Louisiana was admitted as a state? February 16, 1811
Under which president did Louisiana receive their statehood? James Madison
What was the purpose of Louisiana’s constitution? To provide that the legislature would select the governor from the two leading candidates in the popular election. Only white male property owners could vote or hold office.
Who was the president of the constitutional convention? Julien Poydras
Who was Louisiana’s first governor? William C. C. Claiborne
What were privateers? Smugglers who seized goods from Spanish and British ships, sailing under the name of countries that were at war with Spain or Great Britain.
Who led the privateers? Jean Lafitte
What is another name for the War of 1812? “second war for independence”
The British angered Americans most by their practice of what? Impressment
What location did Americans try to protect the most? The Mississippi River valley
Who did the United States send to defend the city of New Orleans? Andrew Jackson
Who won the first battle in the Battle of New Orleans? the British
Who won the battle “on the plains of Chalmette”? Americans (Jackson and his soldiers)
What was the point of the Battle of New Orleans? It showed that Americans were willing to take on the world’s mightiest nation.
What did the War of 1812 settle? The major conflicts between the United States and Great Britain.
What treaty set the boundary between Louisiana and Spanish Texas at the Sabine River? the Adams-Onis Treaty
What was a flatboat? A raft that was guided with an oar and moved by pushing poles into the river bottom.
What was the name of the first steamboat? the New Orleans
What became known as the Texas Connection? The northwest corner of Louisiana.
Created by: NoelleBordelon