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LA History

LAH Early Middle Ages- Innovations LEAP PREP

Early Middle Ages
Vassals a knight who promised to support a lord in exchange for land in medieval Europe
Serfs not quite slaves and worked on the manors of lords and nobles
Knights warrior in medieval Europe who fought on horseback
Priests person who performs religious ceremonies,
Lords person of high rank who owned land but owed loyalty to his king
Manors large estate owned by a knight or lord
Effects of the plague- 1. Caused the pharaoh to release the Hebrews from slavery in Egypt.
Effects of the plague- 2. Black Death- series of plagues that killed over 25 million Europeans. Brought on as a result of trade. Affected the economy by causing a shortage of workers and causing a middle class to emerge.
Who was Charlemagne? ruler of the Franks (France).
What did Charlemagne do? His armies spread through western Europe, forming an empire. Believed in education, learning and the spread of Christianity.
Cannon a weapon that fired heavy iron balls or other projectiles through a simple iron tube.
Telescope a device for making distant objects appear nearer and larger by means of compound lenses or concave mirrors.
Magnetic Compass an instrument used to indicate magnetic north and other directions, containing a magnetic needle that swings horizontally around a circle marked in degrees or with the points of the compass.
Astrolabe used to determine the altitude of the sun and used for navigation.
Lateen sail improved sailing
Frigate Warship
Galleon large sailing ship
Caravel a light sailing ship with two or three masts
Created by: NoelleBordelon