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LA History

LAH Religions- LEAP PREP

Where was Islam founded? Founded in the Middle East, Africa, and parts of Asia.
Who is the lslam leader/prophet? Mohammed is their leader/prophet.
What is the Islam bible called? Their bible is the Quran and their god is called Allah.
Who is the Islam god? Their god is called Allah.
What is the Judaism bible? Hebrew Bible (Old Testament)- record of their history.
Judaism is the first_________ religion? First monotheistic religion.
What is the Judaism Capital? Capital is Jerusalem.
Whose teaching is Christianity based on? Religion based on the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth that
When was Christianity developed? The beginning of the first century.
Where was Christianity developed? developed in Judea
Where has Christianity spread? spread throughout the world.
Buddhism is the most popular religion where? Most popular religion in Asia.
What religion did Buddhism come from? Hindu religion
What did Buddhist believe in? They believed in reincarnation.
What is reincarnation? all will begin another life after death.
What did Buddhist teach? Taught life is full of suffering and you should work to end your suffering and achieve peace.
How do you achieve what Buddhism teaches? You do this by being happy with what you have and not yearning for things you do not have.
What country is mostly Hindu? India
What is the Hinduism bible collection called? The Vedas.
What does the Vedas bible collection create in India? caste system in India
What do the Vedas believe in? reincarnation
What is Reincarnation? all will begin another life after death
What do Hindu’s believe could happen if you lived a good life or if you did not? You could be reincarnated into a higher caste if you lived a good life, or moved down if you did not
Who was Emperor Constantine? First Roman emperor to become a Christian.
What did Emperor Constantine move? To where? The empire’s capital from Rome to Constantinople
What ban did Emperor Constantine remove? on Christianity.
What were the Roman Crusades? Wars called for by the pope (Christian) to rid the Holy Land (Israel) of the Moslems.
What was the Jewish Migration? after the Jews revolted against the Romans and lost they were forced to migrate to the Mediterranean region because they were banned from Jerusalem by the Romans. If they were found there they would be killed.
What is Polytheism? (Egyptian, Hindu) belief in more than one god.
What is Monotheism? (Christianity, Judaism, Islam) belief in one god.
What was the central idea of Confucianism? Respect within the family. Respect authority, morality, public service and duty.
Where is Confucianism from? (China)
What was the divide of the Roman Empire Diocletian felt the empire was too large for one person to rule, so he ruled the eastern half and named a co-emperor to rule the west.
Who became emperor in the late 200’s? Diocletian
What was a Romance language? languages that developed from Latin, such as Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Romanian.
What was a Goth? an uncivilized or barbaric person
Created by: NoelleBordelon