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LA History

LAH War of 1812- American Identity- Jacksonian Era-Trails to the West-LEAP PREP

Causes of the War of 1812 Impressment of American sailors, Interference with American shipping, British military aid to Native Americans.
Effects of War of 1812 Increase sense of national pride, American manufacturing boosted, Native American resistance weakened.
Battle of New Orleans Greatest victory of War of 1812. L
Who led Battle of New Orleans? Andrew Jackson
What ended the War of 1812? Treaty of Ghent
Andrew Jackson defeated who? General Edward Pakingham, British
Monroe Doctrine the idea that no other country can colonize the Americas or it will be received as a threat or hostility.
Isolationism avoidance of international relations: a government policy based on the belief that national interests are best served by avoiding economic and political alliances with other countries.
Nationalism a strong sense of pride and loyalty to your nation.
Spoils System the act of giving government jobs to your supporters.
States Rights was the belief that the state should govern its people on certain issues if the national government has not set a ruling on those issues previously
Indian Removal Act authorized the removal of Native Americans who lived east of the Mississippi River. Moved the Indians from the East Coast to the Great Plains
Trail of Tears the forced march made by the Cherokee from their homeland in Georgia to Indian Territory (Oklahoma). Resulted in the deaths of nearly one-fourth of the Cherokee people. President Jackson and other leaders wanted the land for American settlement and farm
Jackson supported what? Increased federal power and a national bank.
Oregon Trail a trail that settlers used to move to the west- stretched through the Great Plains from western Missouri to the Oregon Territory.
Effects of westward expansion on Native Americans in the 1800’s Natives were forced to give up their land, some were killed.
Alamo a small abandoned mission in Texas where there was a battle that Mexico won. Santa Anna was the Mexican commander. All of the Texans at this battle were killed.
Manifest Destiny the belief that it was the settlers god given right to move to the west. To spread from sea to shining sea.
Gold Rush 49ers were settlers who moved to California in search of gold. Led to a large population increase in the California region.
Gadsden Purchase U.S. purchase of land from Mexico, (for $10 million dollars), that included the southern part of present day Arizona and New Mexico. Set the existing boundary with Mexico
What did the Gadsden Purchase do? Set the existing boundary with Mexico.
Homestead Act An act passed by the U.S. Congress in 1862, promising ownership of 160 acres of public land to a citizen who lived on and cultivated it for five years.
Created by: NoelleBordelon