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LA History

LAH Foundation of American Politics-A New Nation- Jeffersonian Era- LEAP PREP

Articles of Confederation the first central government of the United States.
Weaknesses of Articles of Confederation created a weak central government with no executive or judicial branch (one branch)- legislative with few powers, no checks and balances, most power held by the states.
Shay’s Rebellion Uprising of Mass. farmers to protest high taxes, debt, and foreclosures. Showed the weakness of the Art. of Confed. Showed they could not protect the freedoms of the people. Americans called for a stronger central gov. Led to the Const. Convention.
Federalist Papers A series of essays that defended and explained the Constitution and tried to reassure Americans that the states would not be overpowered by the national government.
Constitutional Convention Meeting held in Philadelphia in which delegates from the states wrote the Constitution.
Judicial Review the Supreme Courts power to declare acts of Congress unconstitutional
Louisiana Purchase the U.S. purchased the land between the Mississippi River and the Rocky Mountains from France for 15 million dollars. The purchase doubled the size of the United States.
Who was chosen by President Jefferson to explore the Louisiana Purchase for the government? Lewis and Clark
Impressments forcing American sailors to serve in the British Navy.
Electoral College The group that actually elects the president based upon the popular vote in each state.
Brown v. Board of Education Supreme Court declared segregation in public schools to be unconstitutional.
Precedent an action of decision that later serves as an example.
Bank of the United States the first national bank in U.S. history- created to provide security for the U.S. economy.
Created by: NoelleBordelon