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LA History

LAH Southern Colonies-LEAP PREP

Bacon’s Rebellion Nathaniel Bacon thought the farmers Jamestown should expand their lands onto the Indian lands. The governor tried to stop him and he attacked and burned Jamestown
Maryland refuge for Catholics a proprietary colony set up by George Calvert
Toleration Act of 1649 supporting religious tolerance in the English colonies
The Carolinas Land given by King Charles II to his supporters In 1712 they split into 2 sections North and South Carolina. They colonies grew cotton, rice and indigo in which they required slave labor.
Georgia 1732 land grant given to George Oglethorpe debtors were sent here to work off their sentences and make a new start. At first slavery was outlawed, but colonists grew upset and coastal Georgia had large rice plantations and thousands of slaves
Olaudah Equiano a slave in the southern colonies who recorded his experiences
Slave Codes laws to control slaves. They could not hold meetings or own weapons. The colonists feared a revolt
Created by: NoelleBordelon