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LA History

LAH Middle Colonies- Breadbasket Colonies-LEAP PREP

refuge safe place
trial by jury right of people accused of breaking the law to be tried by a group of fellow citizens
immigrant a person who comes to a country to make a new home there
Piedmont the foothills between the lowlands along the Atlantic coast and Appalachian Mountains
backcountry land beyond or “in back of” the area settled by Europeans
What did the Dutch call their colony in North America? New Netherland
What groups of people did the Dutch welcome to New Amsterdam? People from Belgium, Denmark, France, Italy, Spain, and the first group of Jewish people in North America
Why did King Charles II of England declare war on Holland? The English thought the Dutch colony prevented their own colonies from expanding
What did the Dutch settlers do when Peter Stuyvesant tried to get them to fight the English? They refused to fight
What did the Society of Friends, or Quakers believe? all people are basically good, violence is always wrong, refuse to carry guns or fight, solving problems peacefully
Who became the owner of what is now Pennsylvania? William Penn
What did farmers depend on as places to trade their surplus farm produce? Market towns
What idea was Philadelphia founded on by William Penn? People of diverse backgrounds could get along with each other
Why did Philadelphia develop into one of the busiest ports in the English colonies? It was located near good land and waterways which contributed to its growth in shipping and trading
What are some of Benjamin Franklin’s accomplishments as a citizen and publisher? First trained firefighting company, first fire insurance company, paved streets, street lights, first hospital, volunteer army, helped make Philadelphia a major publishing center in colonies, published Pennsylvania Gazette and Poor Richard’s Almanack
What was the name of the road that people traveled on to move inland from Pennsylvania? Great Wagon Road
Created by: NoelleBordelon