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LA History

LAH 13 Colonies-LEAP PREP

Mayflower Compact a legal contract in which the Pilgrims signed stating they agreed to have fair laws to protect the general good
Charter an official paper given to a person or business for land rights
Puritan Member of the Church of England who settled in North American to follow Christian beliefs in a more pure way
Sedition speech or behavior that causes other people to work against the government
Triangular Trade Route a trade route that linked the 13 colonies, England and west coast of Africa
Indentured Servants people who signed a contract to work four to seven years to pay for their journey to America
Squanto Indian who taught the Pilgrims how to fertilize the soil with fish remains and established relations with the Wampanoag Indians
Community Kids taught to read the bible families worked together on chores. Women cooked, spun/wove wool, sewed clothing, made soap and butter,carried water, dried fruit, and cared for livestock. Men repaired tools,worked fields, chopped wood, built shelters
John Winthorp leader of the Puritans (made a covenant or promise with God to build an ideal Christian community
Massachusetts Bay Colony Politics and religion were closely linked. Government leaders were also church members, and ministers had a great deal of power in the community
What occurred at town meetings? All town business was conducted at a town meeting. Every one could attend, but only white, male, property owners could vote.
What were five of the public offices that Puritans could be elected to fill? Constable, town crier, digger of graves, drummer, sweeper of the meetinghouse, fence viewer, & running a ferry.
What kinds of crops were grown on New England farms? Corn, rye, barley, wheat, pumpkins, and other kinds of squash.
expel to force to leave
consent an agreement
fundamental basic
frontier the land that lies beyond settled areas
What was a requirement to live in Massachusetts Bay colony? People had to follow Puritan beliefs or be expelled to England or other colonies
Why did Roger Williams leave the Massachusetts Bay Colony? He was expelled because he believed people should not be punished for having different beliefs from the Puritan leaders. People should be able to follow their own religious beliefs.
Who was a minister in Salem before founding Providence, Rhode Island? Roger Williams
Why was Anne Hutchinson expelled from the Puritan Church? She questioned the teachings and authority of the Puritan ministers and started her own meetings stating her own beliefs.
Who settled Hartford, Connecticut with his followers? Thomas Hooker wanted religious freedom, and thought that the leaders should do what the people wanted.
What were the Fundamental Orders and what did it allow? They were the first written plan of government in North America and they allowed white male landowners to elect their leaders.
Who founded Strawberry Banke, which became Portsmouth, New Hampshire? David Thomson
What was King Phillip’s War? It was the war between the settlers and the Pequot Indians over land.
What happened to the settlers as a result of King Philip’s War? The settlers pushed farther north into Vermont and New Hampshire.
What industries helped New England coastal towns prosper? Fishing, whaling, trading, and shipbuilding
Why did New Bedford, Massachusetts prosper? The colonists began catching whales in addition to hunting.
Why did whaling trips get longer and longer? Whales became scarce close to shore due to the large amount of whaling, so whalers had to sail farther out into the ocean.
Great Awakening intense interest in religion in the 13 English colonies. Practiced mostly by Puritans there who lived each hour in strict observance of the bible. a movement that called for a rebirth of religious ways of life
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