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LA History

LAH Early Peoples of the Americas- LEAP PREP

Migration movement of people
Beringia land bridge that connected Asia and North America
Archaeologists scientists who study the cultures of people long ago
Artifact objects made by people of long ago
Why did the hunters make their way to the Americas? Because they were following the animals they hunted
What do Native American origin stories tell? Origins of Native American people and how the world was made
Nomad wanderers with no settled home
Extinct animals that died out
Agriculture farming
Tribe a group of Native Americans who share a language or customs
Civilization culture that usually has cities and a well developed government
Pueblo Spanish word for village
Why were Clovis points important to ancient Indians? They were very sharp, making them the best weapons earlyhunters had ever used.
How did life of the nomads compare to the life of the farmers? The nomads lived in caves and temporary homes. They ate the animals they hunted. Farmers built strong homes and started villages. They ate a variety of plants.
Who was the greatest mound building civilization in the United States? The Mississippian Culture
hogan cone-shaped shelter covering a log frame with bark and mud
kachina spirits important to the Hopis gods of the sun, moon, and rain
kiva underground rooms where ceremonies were held
underground rooms where ceremonies were held a mixture of sandy clay and straw dried into bricks
What kinds of natural resources did the Pueblo peoples use to build their homes? Adobe, stones, mud, pine trees, and juniper trees
How did Navajos shelters contrast to those of the Hopis? Navajos lived far apart in small shelters called hogans made of wood, bark, and mud. Hopis lived close together in pueblos made of adobe and rock.
Dugout boat made from a large hollowed-out log
Barter trade; exchange goods
Potlatch : celebrations with feasting and dancing where the host gives away gifts as a sign of wealth
Clan a group of families that are related to one another
pit house long wooden house with no windows and built over a hole
totem pole large wooden poles carved with shapes of people and animals
What was the highway of the Northwest Coast? Columbia River
What was the greatest trading center on the Columbia River? The Dalles
How do the whale hunting methods of the Makah and Kwakiutls compare? Makahs hunted whales in the ocean, while the Kwakiutls only took whales stranded on shore
How did the Inuit use the environment to meet their needs? They used the animals for food, tools, and clothing. They used blocks of ice to build shelters.
lodge circular house built over a shallow pit
sod- earth cut into blocks or mats held together by grass and its roots
tepee cone-shaped tent with wooden poles held together at the top
What did the peoples of the plains make from buffalo skins? Clothing, blankets, moccasins, and shelter
How did types of lodges differ? Northern prairie lodges were covered with sod. Southern prairie lodges were covered with grass or animal skins
What type of shelter did the Plains nomads have and why? Tepees because they were easy to move (Kiowas)
How could a man become a chief of a Plains Indian tribe? By proving himself a good hunter and a good leader
palisade a wall surrounding villages made of tree trunks. It protected villages from enemies and wild animals
slash and burn a method of clearing land for farming that includes cutting and burning
Wampum beads made from cut and polished seashells
longhouse a long wooden building in which several Iroquois families lived together
confederation a loose group of governments working together
Why did the Eastern Woodlands settle in villages? Because they farmed and got enough food where they lived
How did the lives of the Eastern Woodlands people compare and contrast? Northeast gathered and hunted because of the rocky soil and mountains they could not grow food. Southern tribes farmed because of the fertile soil. They grew corn, beans, and squash.
What was wampum used for? Keep records, send messages, gifts, and exchanged for goods
Where did the Algonquians build their villages? Near rivers or streams
What were the roles of the Algonquian leaders and chiefs? One was the leader during peace time. One was the leader of war and one was in charge of religious ceremonies.
What was the Iroquois League? When the 5 largest Iroquois tribes shared the same government
What was the symbol of the Iroquois League? 5 arrows bound together to represent each nation.
Why did the Iroquois League form? They fought a lot over land and the fighting had to stop because they were killing each other.
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