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2014 Science 4

Test 1 Chapter 2

term for what insects do when they go into a long, deep sleep hibernate
the term for what insects do when they grow a new skeleton and shed the old one molt
antennae help insects do what taste. smell. find directions
this insect has only one pair of wings mosquito
an insect uses its ovipositor to lay eggs
this insect migrates ladybug
this insect is a social insect termite
this insect is a parasite lice
Which of the following creatures is an insect? bee. spider. earthworm. centipede bee
Does a bee or moth fold its wings when resting? bee
Does a bee or moth have feathery antennae? moth
Does a bee or moth have a thick body? moth
Does a bee or moth larva spin a cocoon? moth
Does a bee or moth larva grow in a chrysalis? bee
What are the five ways communicate? sight. touch. dancing. smell. sound
true or false A lacewing protects itself by letting off a bad order true
true or false A monarch butterfly gets its bitter taste from the milkweed it eats. true
true or false A predator is a friend to insects false
true or false A camouflaged insect frightens it's enemies by its ugliness. false
true or false Insects which mimic others are harmless. true
Be able to identify these four birds from a picture. robin. mockingbird. meadowlark. scissor-tail flycatcher
Be able to identify a picture of these four plants. fireweed. pitcher plant. prairie lily. white trillium
Be able to identify the following. cricket. dragonfly. firefly. giant waterbug. hornet. ladybug. silverfish. monarch butterfly. polyphemus moth. praying mantis. walking stick back swimmer.