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Wld History Ch. 14

Prentice Hall World History Connections to Today

Which Italian Renaissance writer stressed that the end justifies the means in his writings? Niccolo Machiavelli
Why was Albrecht Duer sometimes called the "German Leonardo"? He spread the Italian Renaissance to his homeland.
Martin Luther and John Calvin were leaders of the Protestant Reformation
In Utopia, Thomas More describes an ideal society which men and women live in harmony.
The Renaissance, which lasted from the 1300s tot he 1500s, was a period of creativity and change in Europe.
What did humanists believe would stimulate an individual's creative powers? education
Why did Martin Luther write 95 Theses? He was denouncing the sale of indulgences.
What effect did Luther's excommunication by the Church have on Europe? His followers separated from the Church and formed a new Protestant church.
The followers of John Calvin believed in predestination.
The Peace of Augsburg, signed in 1555, allowed each prince to decide which religion would be followed in his lands.
What was one effect of the printing press? Knowledge and religious ideas spread across Europe.
When scientists use the scientific method, they base their findings on observation and experimentation.
Which Florentine master dissected corpses to learn how bones and muscles work? Leonardo da Vinci
Which religious group traces its roots to the Anabaptists? Quakers.
How did the attitudes of the Renaissance thinkers differ from those of medieval scholars? Human experiences in the present was explored.
Why did the Renaissance begin in Italy? Renaissance thinkers were interested in the learning and art of ancient Rome.
In 1534, King Henry VII of England set up the Anglican Church because the pope refused to annul the king's marriage.
The Catholic Reformation brought a move to end corruption in the Catholic Church.
In Germany, Calvinists faced opposition from Catholics and Lutherans.
Rene Descartes believed that people could discover basic truths through reasoning.
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